About Neon By Design®

Our values, principles and ethos.


Neon By Design®

Neon By Design specialize in making in high quality custom LED neon signs for business, events and home decor.  We are a bespoke company catering to anyone who wants to get a custom neon sign for their business, their home or their event.
Our values are make highest quality LED neon signs possible for our customers and with that care and attention to detail, our customers will fall in love with our brand.  Our team are dedicated to helping all of our customers through the process of designing and making an LED neon sign.

LED neon signs and artwork are vibrant and colorful, and will draw the eye, so our view is that they must be well designed, and made.

At Neon By Design we believe in being bold, bright and bringing a fun glow to our customers lives.

Our Values & Principles

Caring About Our Products

Produce Quality Products

We care deeply about our product.  We use only the highest quality components and materials in the use of LED neon signs.  We use the highest quality LED neon flex, backboards, electrical component and US certified power supplies.

Our products are eco-friendly, reliable, durable and energy efficient.

We stand by our product quality and offer a 2 year warranty for all of the LED neon signs that we sell.

Caring About Our Customer

Caring About Our Customers

Our goal is to always put our customers goals and needs first, and consult with them to help design and build a quality LED neon sign that suits those needs.

We put forward neon sign solutions that adhere to our principles of quality design and matched to the customers needs and goals.

Caring About Our Workers

Looking After Our Employees

Our employees are all fairly paid for the their job, with equality opportunities regardless of gender, and equal pay for equal work across our organization.

We have both women and men in senior management roles within our company, and have a nearly 50/50, men to women in our organization.

We are also part of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

Our Team

Manager + Author

Christopher is manager, and our main author, with over 10 years working with businesses and consulting online.  Christopher has a deep understanding of LED lights, LED neon flex, neon signs and how they can be best used to help business, home and event decor.

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Joel is manager of our tech and development.  With a broad experience and several years working in the IT industry, Joel has helped design, develop and now maintains our website.

Design + Support

Simon is our in-house designer and customer service representative.  Helping design collateral, signs, and working with customers is also part of his role.

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