Below are some of the LED neon sign projects we’ve worked on recently

Prior Work Examples

A sample of our prior work

Browse through some of our many LED neon sign projects.  We have examples for business, home decor, event decor and even signs that don’t fit into any specific category.

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Examples of Business LED Neon Signs

Over the years we’ve made thousands of LED neon signs for businesses.  From signs with UV-print and LED overlay, channel letter signs, indoor and outdoor signs, double-sided signs and more.  Below are examples of some of the business LED neon signs we’ve designed and manufactured.

If you want an LED neon sign for your business we’ve got you covered – We have years of expertise and can help you design and make anything!

Examples of Automotive LED Neon Signs

One of our most popular categories are the LED neon signs we make for garage, man-cave, or mechanic workshops – we make a full range of LED signs designed based on customer requirements for the various automotive brands – car, motorcycle and oil companies being our main sellers.  Below are some examples of actual LED neon signs we’ve made.

If you want an LED neon sign of the logo an automotive, car, motorcycle or oil brand then we’ve got them all.

Examples of Events & Other LED Neon Signs

Some of the LED neon signs below were commissioned for home decor, event decor or simply just don’t fit into any specific kind of category.  These are some more examples of how diverse and interesting LED neon signs can be, and the breadth of projects we at Neon By Design have worked on.

If you have an unusual project that you would like an LED neon sign or LED neon artwork for, we’re the right people to talk to!

This is just a sample of our prior work ..

If you liked these examples of our prior work, then you’re going to love what we can do in transforming your idea into a fully functioning LED neon sign or artwork.

We specialize in taking ideas and making LED neon signs out of them.  The above examples are just a small sample of our previous projects.

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This video is one of our more advanced signs – UV-print with LED neon flex strip overlay with dynamic neon.

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