Rev Up Your Decor – Car Neon Signs for Automotive Enthusiasts

If you’re an automotive enthusiast, you know the intimate relationship between auto brands and neon signs.

Famous automotive companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, Chevrolet, Castrol, Shell, and Texaco are large, well-known, and established auto manufacturers that have been producing quality cars, oils, and parts for over 100 years.

Over these same 100+ years, when these auto brands were growing and establishing themselves in the 1920s to 1970s, another technology was also helping to promote those brands – neon signs were also starting to catch on in America.

It’s why we can still picture that auto-mechanic in the middle of nowhere with many vintage cars, surrounded by famous brand signs on the walls. A neon sign was just the thing to have, and almost every mechanic workshop and service station had several – often promoting car brands and oil brands.

For these reasons, car enthusiasts want to hold onto some of that nostalgia, a slice of automotive history, and display that in their garage. Along with a collection of cars, those same car enthusiasts long for the experience and inspiration that neon car signs bring to their space.

It’s a way to show passion for the brand and replicate that historical moment, bringing an authentic vibe to a space.

My passion for cars inspired me to write this guide and advice on finding the perfect neon sign for my garage.

Let’s fire up the engines and rev up your garage décor.

  • There is a long history of using an automotive neon sign in a garage, home bar, man cave, or workshop.
  • Car neon signs range in price from $200 to $1500 – depending on size and design.
  • Neon signs add a vibrant glow and mood to any location where they are placed.

History of Neon Signs in Car Culture

Neon signs began their journey in 1910 with their captivating glow when Georges Claude, a French engineer, introduced this illuminating innovation. By 1912, the first neon sign lit up a Parisian barbershop shopfront, heralding a new era in advertising. Here is a perfect piece on the history of neon signs.

The allure of neon quickly crossed the Atlantic, and by 1923, the United States saw its first automotive neon sign. Earle C. Anthony was a pioneer, bringing neon to his car dealerships in Los Angeles in 1923, enhancing his business visibility and setting a trend that many others would follow.

Photos of Neon Car Signs

Milestones in History

  • 1923: The first neon sign in America at a car dealership, “Packard.”
  • 1924: Neon signs light up New York’s Times Square with an advertisement for Willys-Overland, the classic car brand.
  • Late 1920s: Las Vegas begins to sparkle with neon, starting with the Overland Hotel’s signage.
  • 1941 & 1959: Iconic signs like ‘El Cortez’ and ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ transform the cityscape and roadside with their iconic neon signs.
  • 1960s: The decline begins due to health concerns and cheaper alternatives.
  • 1980s: A revival spurred by popular culture, notably TV shows like Miami Vice.

As you may note, neon signs and the automotive industry have grown together and were always intertwined – neon signs at mechanics, workshops, roadside businesses, car dealerships, roadside hotels, and motels, and nearly everywhere you looked, neon signs were popping up.

Videos of Car Neon Signs (We Created)

Cultural Impacts of those Vintage Neon Signs

Neon signs, originally a symbol of modernity and innovation, faced challenges as preferences shifted towards more sustainable and less hazardous options like LED neon signs. Despite this, the nostalgia and charm of those vintage neon signs still endure today – they were a bold statement of the time, of the Modern World, and captured the era’s essence.

Today, they remain a beloved part of cultural landscapes, from vintage car shows to contemporary art installations.

We can revive that vintage charm and style thanks to modern technology and bring you our collection of neon car signs.

Ideas for Automotive Neon Signs – Famous Brands

The automotive industry has many vintage and modern aspects. Neon automotive signs tend to replicate historic neon signs from yesteryear, illuminating a particular brand logo.

Here are some of the famous brands and some of the most popular automotive neon signs we sell:

  • Car Brands: Classic car brands – Ford, Willys-Overland, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, VW, Ferarri, Ason Martin, BMW, Shelby, Volvo, Dodge, DeTomaso, McLaren, Fiat, Austin Healey, Daimler and Jeep. Modern car brands – Tesla, Hyundai, Subaru, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, AMG, Kia, Nissan and Mazda
  • Motorcycle Brands: Harley Davidson, Indian, Boss Hoss, Ducati, Honda, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Norton, Ariel, Maserati, Yamaha, and Suzuki.
  • Oil Brands: Texaco, Caltex, Esso, Shell Mobil, Castrol, Hudson, Victory, DuPont, Empire State, and All-American.
  • Tire Brands: Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, and Kelly.

We have a neon design for all of these famous automotive brands in our extensive collection of automotive neon signs.

More Photos of Neon Car Signs

Benefits of Adding an Automotive Neon Sign to a Space

Buying and displaying an automotive neon sign is a bold way to show passion for an auto brand. Often, the sign is added to a male-dominated space, like a garage, workshop, man cave, or home bar, and does more than illuminate the room.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Visual Appeal: Neon signs inject vibrant colors and a unique ambiance into spaces like workshops, garages, or man-caves, elevating the aesthetic appeal.
  • Personal Touch: Represent your favorite car brands or automotive brands, making the space uniquely yours.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Workshops and garages often suffer from poor lighting – properly placing a few neon signs, and those spaces won’t lack light anymore.
  • Durability and Longevity: Opting for modern LED neon signs provides increased durability and longevity – with a lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Design Flexibility: Custom neon signs allow customers to tailor every aspect of the sign – including design, size, fonts, and colors.
  • Artistic Flair: Although originally seen as functional advertising, neon signs are now seen as a form of artwork.
  • Cozy Ambiance: The soft glow of neon can create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, ideal for spaces meant for relaxation or socializing.
  • Bold Statement Pieces: Use neon signs as focal points in your decor, creating striking visual impacts that captivate and intrigue visitors.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology in neon signs consumes about 1/6th of traditional neon signs’ energy.
  • Safety Features: Most LED neon signs operate at 12 volts and produce very little heat, making them safe to touch and minimizing the risk of electric shocks.

Integrating these neon signs into your spaces enhances the visual dynamics and benefits from their practical functionalities, making them a stellar addition to any classic car enthusiast’s collection.

Considerations When Buying a Car Neon Sign

  • Passion/Theme: Consider the space’s theme – is it focused on cars or one of the other automotive themes?
  • Style: Ensure the neon car sign fits into the space’s style.
  • Size: Ensure the sign will fit into the intended space and that the neon sign is the right size for the wall.
  • Placement: The sign is placed in the space to maximize nostalgia and lighting. Most neon signs are mounted on a wall, but installing them in a vehicle is also possible.
  • Colors: A single color, multiple colors, or changing colors —what will best suit your theme, style, and garage?
  • Vintage vs. Modern: The sign’s design can be focussed on being more vintage, that classic car neon sign look, or maybe you want a modern, sleek look to the design.
  • Customization: Custom neon signs can be created bespoke, which allows customization of design, colors, sizing, and advanced features to suit the customers’ requirements.
  • Warranty: We offer a 2-year warranty with all neon signs we sell, so it’s important to consider warranty and support.
  • Budget: You get what you pay for, so remember to consider the quality vs. price equation. Most often, when you buy a low-priced neon sign, you are buying low-quality.

Even More Photos of Neon Car Signs


In this article, I’ve covered the long and inspired history of using neon signs with automotive branding.

We’re in the business of transforming garages and living spaces with car and automotive neon light-up signs. Every garage is a work of inspiration and creativity waiting to happen—all it needs is the perfect neon sign to transform that space into classic car heaven!

If you want professional, obligation-free advice on designing the perfect neon sign for your living space, garage, or man cave, please use the link below to contact our expert team.


Can I install a neon sign in my car?

  • Yes, neon signs can be installed inside a vehicle. They are 12 volts and can be run directly from the car battery if connected properly. We recommend contacting an auto electrician.

How much do car neon signs cost?

  • Typically, the price ranges from $200 to $1500 – depending on size, advanced features, and design complexity.


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