Cafe Neon Signs – 5 Effective Ways to Use a Coffee Neon Sign in a Cafe

Whether you’re seeking to amplify your brand identity or enhance your café’s aesthetics, cafe neon signs offer an ingenious and creative solution. In this guide, we’ll explore how a vibrant neon sign can transform your café’s ambiance, accentuate your brand, and create a memorable customer experience.

  • In a crowded marketplace, cafe neon signs help a coffee bar stand out and promote its brand or unique proposition.
  • A cafe neon sign adds a vibrant, retro, and modern look to the internal ambiance of a cafe.
  • Cafe neon signs can be a guerrilla marketing strategy, offering opportunities for social media photo backgrounds and social sharing.
  • Cafe neon signs are a great way for well-designed coffee shops to promote their brand.

Cafe Shop Visibility and Recognition

A well-placed, brightly illuminated cafe neon sign can work wonders for your café’s visibility. Whether it’s a bustling street or a quiet corner, a custom neon sign displaying your café’s name or logo can set you apart from the competition. These signs serve as beacons, guiding visitors’ eyes to your café, especially at night or on dimly lit streets. Still, they can also be used for interior decor to provide ambiance in the open cafe area.

Example Neon Signs We’ve Created for Cafes

Enhancing Internal Cafe Decor with a Coffee Neon Sign

Neon signs can do more than advertise your brand. They can also play a crucial role in defining the interior decor of your café. Whether a blank wall space or a product display, a strategically placed neon sign can add a unique personality to the surroundings and dramatically elevate the overall ambiance.

One of the most popular is a coffee neon sign highlighting the cafe’s main purpose: selling coffee to people. We have several examples of cafes buying and using a coffee neon sign to attract the eye and add to the decor.

Unleashing Creativity with Neon Signs for Your Cafe

Neon signs offer a canvas for your creativity to run wild. The flexibility of the polymer tubing allows for virtually any shape or design. You can choose to spell out your brand name, display a catchy slogan, or even incorporate a picture. Your customization options for neon signs are limited only by your creativity.

Video of a Neon Sign Created for a Cafe

This example is a custom dynamic neon sign we created for a cafe. I think you’ll agree that it’s vibrant and very compelling when drawing the eye.

LED Neon Flex Signs: An Affordable Lighting Solution

LED neon signs are more than just decorative items. LED neon flex is plastic tubing filled with LED lights and is commonly used in sign-making. It allows manufacturers to fully customize a neon sign to suit a design nearly precisely—LED neon flex signs can match business logos or have backboards printed with specific custom designs.

LED neon flex signs are also a viable and affordable lighting solution for a business. Cafe neon signs consume as little as 65 watts of power – which is a cost-effective type of illumination that adds a unique glow to your coffee shop’s interior decor. They can highlight specific areas of your café or create a mood or atmosphere throughout the entire shop. They can also be used to draw attention to the actual sign, like Instagram neon backdrops.

LED Neon Cafe Signs – The Old Charm with Modern Technology

LED neon signs are the modern, energy-efficient successors of traditional neon signs (which use neon gas). They consist of mini light diodes encased in flexible polymer tubing and present an eco-friendly, durable, and versatile alternative.

A significant advantage of LED neon signs over traditional ones is their flexibility, which allows them to be molded into any shape, broadening the horizons for creative and original designs; this makes them perfect for use in cafes.

Effective Lighting for Cafe Interiors

Neon signs can be particularly effective in cafés with dim interiors. With an average brightness of 218 lumens, LED lights can easily light up parts of your café, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s to illuminate the counter area or to add a unique glow to a corner, neon signs offer a versatile lighting solution for a cafe.

One way we know a coffee shop has used neon signs is to name the various booths and sitting areas within the cafe—it creates a unique experience for diners. It can even enhance visitors’ attachment to the specific seating spot if there is a theme to the area.

Designing a Custom Neon Sign for a Cafe

One of the most impactful ways to use a neon sign in a cafe is to customize it to suit your coffee shop’s brand.

This could be through a creative ‘Open’ sign with the coffee shop brand, a catchy slogan known for, or a unique and custom-designed neon sign that features the logo and café’s theme and brand. Whichever way, a neon coffee sign is an effective way to showcase your cafe.

Custom cafe neon signs can also serve as conversation starters, adding an element of fun and engagement to the customer experience, or they can also be used to convey your unique selling proposition or to create Instagram photo backdrops (many cafes have done this to significant effect).

Nighttime Marketing with Neon Signs

Neon signs can be a powerful tool for nighttime marketing. By positioning a bright and colorful coffee neon sign in your café’s window or near the entrance, you can catch the attention of passersby and leave a lasting impression. This approach can extend your advertising reach beyond regular business hours and into the evening—whilst these are not the normal trading hours for a cafe, it is all exposure, and marketing your brand doesn’t stop at 3 p.m.

Creating a memorable presence in your street attracts potential visitors’ eyes at all hours of the day or night. Everyone needs to eat and drink coffee, so there is a good chance a percentage of those who spot your business will visit during trading hours and enjoy your coffee.

Designing Unique Restroom Signs

Even the restroom signs in your café can be an opportunity to showcase your creativity with a neon sign. By replacing traditional restroom signs with custom neon signs that reflect your café’s theme, they can add a touch of fun, or you can enhance the overall customer experience and reinforce your brand’s personality.

Using the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Coffee Shop

In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, creating a visually appealing coffee shop is crucial. Unique and eye-catching cafe neon signs don’t just provide instant visual appeal; they can also be used as a photo backdrop.

Imagine a coffee shop sign that says, “Give Me Coffee and Tell me I’m Pretty” – this kind of sign, up on a large wall in your space, with room for photos, is sure to get people taking photos and sharing on social media – this in term creates buzz for your shop, and also alerts that customers friends on the social platform, and this, in turn, might make them customers (from a click online to a customer in your coffee shop) – it’s the best word-of-mouth campaign you can have.

Motivational Quotes and Coffee Bar Neon Signs

Incorporating motivational or inspirational quotes into your café’s decor can add a fun and uplifting atmosphere. With a neon sign in your cafe, you can display such quotes in a vibrant and eye-catching manner, sparking conversations among guests and creating a positive vibe in your café – a great place where people can relax, settle in for a time, and drink coffee.

Examples might include “Coffee Lifts Me Up,” “Never Gonna Give You Up – Coffee,” or maybe “Coffee – I’m the One You Need” – quotes that give a smile, add inspiration, and tie into your brand. It is compelling if the neon sign can add this kind of allure to your coffee shop. Best of all, this is something your competitors won’t have, making your cafe unique!


Cafe neon signs offer myriad creative possibilities for enhancing your café’s decor and brand visibility. Whether showcasing your cafe logo, adding an Instagrammable wall, illuminating dim interiors, or designing unique restroom signs, neon signs can create a visually stunning and memorable time for your customers.

So why not incorporate a neon sign into your café’s marketing strategy and decor today?

Check out our examples of neon signs we’ve created for businesses and get a quote for a coffee neon sign!


How much does a coffee neon sign cost?

  • The price of a neon sign depends on its size and the complexity of the design. Typically, a custom cafe or restaurant neon sign will cost between $300 and $2000.

How many neon signs does a cafe need?

  • We recommend that a cafe have three neon signs: a branded sign with the cafe logo or picture design, an Instagram photo backdrop to create social buzz, and a sign with the company slogan or a “praise to coffee” statement.

Can neon signs be designed to match a cafe brand?

  • We can customize a neon sign to suit any cafe, bar, or business brand. We can accurately replicate a design or picture and match it to the brand.


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