Neon Open Signs – Professional Advice, Tips & Guide

In the bustling streets of brick-and-mortar retail, the initial interaction between a business and a potential customer often happens through a simple glance at the storefront. Either the eye is captured, or the customer is lost.

For this reason, the humble, open neon sign has the power to elevate your business’ visibility and customer engagement. This article gives practical advice and tips for creating a neon open sign for your business.

  • Ultra bright LED neon light open signs make it clear to passers-by that your brick-and-mortar store is open for business.
  • Neon signs are the brightest and most vibrant type of business sign.
  • Before you create an open sign, consider its size, placement, color, and design.

Examples of a Neon Light Open Sign (we created)

Combining the Psychological Impact of Stores Using an Open Neon Sign

Everyone knows that neon draws the eye; that’s no secret. Enter a space with a neon sign, and the eyes are automatically drawn to the sign. They are often held for a number of seconds while looking at the light.

In addition to this, every brick-and-mortar business needs to “let the customer know” that their business is open for trade – the “open sign” is the time-honored way of doing that. The old-school method is a card saying “Open” hung in the door window of the shop (is this loud enough to stand out nowadays?).

These two factors help businesses harness the psychology of neon signs and combine it with the humble “Open” sign to create the open neon sign – providing a way to both draw the eye and invite the customer into the store simultaneously.

Types of Open Light Signs – Neon and LED

Modern open signs come in two popular types.

Gas Neon Signs

Traditional gas neon signs are a 1960s classic. They emit a warm, ambient glow that can be inviting. However, they are made of glass tubing and filled with gas, making them fragile. They also consume more energy than LED neon signs.

LED Neon Signs

Ultra-bright LED neon open signs are the preferred modern choice for many businesses. Modern neon signs are made from LED neon flex, a group of LED lights contained in a thin plastic tube.

The LED lights in these signs are energy-efficient, durable, and offer excellent brightness. Another advantage is that LEDs are available in various colors and dynamic lighting patterns.

Video of a Multi-Option Open/Closed Neon Sign

Benefits of LED Open Signs

An LED open sign offers several advantages over other types of open signs.


You can create a sign that specifically matches your requirements with custom-designed LED open signs. You can customize a design, picture, or logo, as well as the size, colors, and features. This is great for a business logo combined with an open notification.

Energy Efficiency

LED neon signs use light-emitting diodes that consume little power, which means they have a low impact on electricity bills. You get the traditional neon look without the extreme power consumption of old neon signs.


LED neon signs can last 50,000 to 80,000 light hours, making them durable and cost-effective.


LED neon signs come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, allowing you to customize your sign to suit your business’s unique needs and style, such as including a logo or custom design.


If you really want to capture attention, you can opt for animated features like changing colors, dynamic motion, and programmable display patterns—these all make sure the sign stands out. Check out our Dynamic Neon as an option for LED open signs.

Example Dynamic Neon Sign


Benefits of Classic Neon Open Signs

There are fewer, but traditional neon signs have their own set of pros and cons. Plus, they have a unique, vintage appeal that can add character to your business.

For some people, this nostalgia is enough to buy a neon sign, and I have to say I totally understand this opinion. They emit a warm, ambient light that many people find attractive and inviting.

Increased Visibility for Business

A well-placed and well-designed open neon sign in a crowded marketplace can capture your attention and make your business stand out. It acts as a beacon, drawing customers in and encouraging them to choose to come inside your retail store rather than a competitor – giving you an advantage.

Effective Use of Open Neon Signs

It’s crucial to use a neon open sign effectively in order to get the benefits.


Install your open sign where it’s easily visible from the street or sidewalk. It should be at eye level and unobstructed by other elements like trees, awnings, or a window display.

We recommend that the sign be “stand-alone” and easily seen. Create a spot in a window next to the front door or on the front door itself; these are the two most common placements.

Operational Hours

It is essential to keep your open sign on during business hours. It’s surprising how many businesses overlook this simple step, missing out on potential customers. Needless to say, if someone can see the open sign is off, then they will presume you are closed. You spent the investment on having it, so use it.


Lastly, maintain your neon sign. Please keep it clean and in good repair. A dirty or broken sign can poorly reflect your business and deter potential customers. Here are more tips on how to maintain a neon sign.

Conclusion: Maximizing the Power of Your Open Neon Sign

Every business needs a well-designed open sign, and there is every reason to make it a neon sign—with its bright lights and eye-catching ability, it only adds to the sign’s appeal to potential customers.

Another advantage is that you can customize and create a neon open sign that suits the business—they offer the flexibility to add the brand or store logo and tailor it to specific sizing, wording, and special features like color changing or flashing.

The critical thing to remember is that the humble, old-school, open signs are fundamental to every brick-and-mortar shop. The absolute goal should be making it obvious and easy to see, and the results from this are customers in-store.

If you still need advice and help creating the perfect neon open sign for your store, please fill out this form to get a free concept design and quote.


Why choose a neon open sign for my business?

  • An open neon sign will attract the eye of the customer, as it’s a bright visual element that naturally attracts casual viewers and passers-by. An open sign also vibrantly identifies that the shop is open. Both of these things combined have a subliminal draw on the casual viewer, turning them into a store visitor—once inside the store, you only have to convince them to become a customer.

Why are neon signs no longer popular?

  • Neon signs are every bit as popular nowadays as they have always been. The audience for and use of neon signs has grown every year. Every business needs adequate signage for its shopfront; neon and LED neon are popular.

How much should you pay for a neon sign?

  • A typical open neon sign will cost between $150 and $500 and depends on size, design, and any custom features on the sign.

Are LED neon signs expensive to run?

  • An LED neon sign uses about 1/6th the electricity of a regular light bulb, making it cheaper to run than a laptop or TV.


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