Neon Sign Fonts: 10 Wonderful Fonts for LED Neon Signs

Neon signs are more than just luminous letters. They are an art of expressing emotions and setting the ambiance. They can represent a business’s brand or add a personal touch to a home. Choosing the right font for your neon sign plays a crucial role in conveying your message effectively. In this article, we bring you the top 10 neon sign fonts – each with its unique charm, design, pop, and personality.

  • Choosing the right font for your LED neon sign is essential.
  • Essential elements to consider – the font has to be legible, and the style has to suit your brand guide.
  • Consider the font during the design phase of making your neon sign.
  • Consider the neon signs’ size, shape, and color letters.
  • Double and triple-check the concept design of the sign before manufacturing.
  • Talk with your neon sign maker about customization – including using your fonts.

Neon signs have been lighting up our world since the early 20th century. Originating from France, their vibrant neon glow and bright colors soon illuminated the buzzing streets of cities like New York and Paris.

With technological advancements, LED neon signs have taken over with their energy efficiency, durability, style, wide range of fonts, affordability, and ability to match any custom design easily. Today, they are widely used for commercial and personal purposes, adding a touch of style and personality to any space.

Why Choosing the Right Neon Sign Font is Crucial

The font you choose for your neon sign sets the tone of communication. It captures the essence of your business or event, evoking specific emotions. Whether you’re looking for a font to add elegance to your wedding, sophistication to your business, style to your home, or a retro vibe to your bar, the right neon font makes all the difference.

An Example of Cursive and Monospace Fonts in a Dynamic Neon Sign

The Top 10 Best Neon Sign Fonts

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 neon sign fonts that can bring your message to life.

1. Retro Neon Sign Font

A popular choice among designers, the Retro Signature neon sign font adds a fresh and relaxed vibe to your design.

It’s sleek, easy to read, and exudes vibrant energy, making it an excellent addition to any design project that needs a vitality boost. It is considered a fancy neon lights font with a classic retro vibe.
Example of Retro font

2. Bayshore

Designed by Sam Parrett, Bayshore is one of our more popular and stylish neon sign fonts. It has an unmistakable retro quality.

It’s perfect for creating stylish lettering that can catch anyone’s eye. It is quite a popular choice if you are looking to create a retro neon name sign for a wedding. It is one of those classic cursive typefaces you’ll see on many neon signs.

Example of Bayshore font

3. Neonllimitted

Neonllimitted is an attractive neon sign font with numbers, letters, and symbols.

Its impressive look is a script or written letter font, perfect for creating a fancy neon sign that supports Latin and Western European languages. It includes numbers, capital letters, and basic punctuation marks. It is quirky and has good energy once made into a sign. It is visually appealing and great as a font for home decor and wedding events.

Example of neonllimitted font

4. Mayfair

Mayfair, commonly known as reader boards or digital displays, is one of the most recognizable neon sign fonts.

Its heightened sense of versatility makes it ideal for electronic signs that need to be easily decipherable. We think of this as a retro neon font.

Example of Mayfair font

5. Monaco

Monaco is one of our best neon sign fonts—a fabulous font that offers different glowing effects to match your text.

With its glowing neon text effects, it can create a statement piece for any space. It is fairly standard to see this in neon letters and has minimal letterforms.

Example of Monaco font

6. NeonScript

NeonScript is a handwriting neon sign font that adds a personal touch to your creative projects.

Its wide range of styles and executions can fit any design need, from delicate and swirly to blocky and bold. It is considered a calligraphic style that’ll make the neon sign seem like it has been handwritten.

Example of Absolute font

7. Alexa

Alexa neon sign font blends sophistication and nostalgia, making it a flexible and elegant option for various businesses.

It’s an excellent choice for upscale bars, cocktail lounges, and fine dining restaurants that aim for an aura of elegance and exclusivity.

Example of Alexa font

8. Avantgarde

With a clean and sophisticated appearance, Avantgarde is an excellent choice for storefront signs, projecting a sense of style and professionalism.

Its sleek and timeless look enhances the beauty of any signage. It is an elegant font that works well and gives off an excellent neon glow once made once the light is turned on.

Example of Avant Garde font


BEON is an electrifying neon sign font that demands attention with its bold and captivating design.

Its unique elegance and boldness make it perfect for storefront signs and event banners. It is one of those fonts designed as a proper neon typography font and looks good when bold.

Example of Beon font

10. Rocket

The Rocket neon sign font is a bold and attention-grabbing choice that brings any design a fun and energetic feel.

It’s perfect for designs that aim to attract attention and for a modern and youthful vibe. A modern font with a mix of different characters – capital letters and lowercase are combined with smooth, rounded corners.

Example of Rocket font

We hope you’ve picked up some of the best neon sign fonts that can be used on your next neon sign project.

Examples of Neon Sign Fonts on Actual Signs


We’ve only covered 10 of our most popular neon sign fonts, but we can work with nearly any font (we have over 100,000 fonts in our library) that our customers desire. We can customize an excellent neon sign no matter the font you want.

Choosing the right neon sign font depends on several factors, not least of which is the font’s legibility, the location where the neon sign is being used—whether it’s for a business, an event, or your home—the neon font color, and the size of the neon sign.

At Neon By Design, we are passionate about creating beautiful neon light signs using the best neon sign fonts. With our wide range of neon sign fonts, we ensure your message shines bright in the most stylish way possible. Our innovative, supportive, and solution-driven approach ensures your satisfaction.

Contact us for a quote, and let us create a fabulous neon sign for you.


What are the most popular neon sign fonts?

  • Some of our most popular fonts are Retro signature neon sign font, Bayshore, Neonllimitted, Mayfair, Monaco, NeonScript, Alexa, Avantgarde, Beon, and Rocket.

What font is used for neon signs?

  • Over 100,000 fonts can be used on a neon sign. Some fonts are more challenging due to their design or width, but we should be able to make the neon sign suit your font nearly precisely with a combination of LED neon flex and UV printing.

What are the best neon fonts?

  • With so many fonts, the best font is often a personal choice – we tend to think neon fonts like Avant Garde and cursive fonts like Bayshore and Retro are the best for glow signs!

How do you write in neon font?

  • Usually, we use a computer with design software like Adobe or Corel Draw to ensure the font is installed on the system. We then design according to the customer’s request with that font and the words, phrases, and sentences they want.

What are the best neon sign fonts for a wedding sign?

  • We generally recommend that customers who have a wedding event planned use cursive fonts on neon wedding signs, and we also recommend using a warm white color – as this seems to work well.

What is neon light font?

  • A neon lights font is a font that is to be used on a neon sign – made using LED neon flex and an acrylic backboard.

What font is best for neon signs?

  • If we had to choose one single font, the best neon font for a sign would be Bayshore—a versatile, modern, retro font that looks great when made in neon lights.


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