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Neon By Design® is America's #1 LED neon sign maker

Over the last 5 years Neon By Design has designed and built hundreds of LED neon signs for business, home and event decor.  We specialize in turning ideas into vibrant LED neon artwork and signs.

How it works

Design the Sign

We work with you to design the sign – based on a logo, a design or just an idea.

Get a Quote

Once the design is refined to your liking then we send you a quote.


Manufacture of the LED neon sign typically takes 1-3 days.

FREE Express Shipping

FREE express post shipping is typically 5-6 days.

LED Neon Signs For Business

For businesses looking to present their brand in bright neon lights, we turn business logos and designs into vibrant and fun-filled LED neon signs and artwork.

Our team are experts in consulting with businesses to design the look of the LED sign, and define the specifications of the sign – including color-changing dynamic LED lighting, indoor/outdoor use, UV printed backgrounds and the size.

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses to design and make an LED sign for their business.

Talk with our team today, and let us help you with your neon sign project.

Turn your business logo into a vibrant LED neon sign.

LED Neon Signs For Events & Home Decor

Many brides and home decor professionals are embracing the glow with the addition of an LED neon sign in their wedding event, or in their home decor.

LED neon signs are vibrant, colorful and surprisingly warm in their effects in a space.  Lighting affects mood, and neon signs have the power to inspire and delight.

For a wedding event an LED neon sign is the perfect photo backdrop, and Instagrammable.  You can welcome guests to your event, and even use the sign in home decor post-event.

Interior designers are also embracing neon artwork for use around the home, and in offices, with a warming and attention grabbing pull.

Get your very own glow of an LED neon sign at your wedding event or in your home decor.

Make your decor come to life with glowing LED neon artwork.

Features & Benefits

Free Express Shipping

All of our orders come with FREE express post shipping to all locations World-wide.

2 Year Guarantee

We have a 2-year guarantee on all of our LED neon signs.

Energy Efficient & Bright

Designed to be of superior energy efficiency, our LED neon signs are eco-friendly and bright.


A neon sign for every idea

Frequently asked questions

The top 5 most asked questions ... and our answers

Our team get asked hundreds of questions every week – in this section we aim to answer the top 5.

How much does a custom LED neon sign cost?

LED neon signs vary in size and complexity, and this dictates how much a sign can cost.  Usually LED neon signs cost between $300 and $1500.

Talk with our team about your project.

Once a design is confirmed then it takes us 1-3 days to manufacture the sign and 5-6 days Express Post of the sign.

Most customers have their order within 7-9 days.

We supply everything you will need to mount or hang the sign, and all power supplies and plugs.

All you will need to do is plug your new LED neon sign into the wall outlet.

It helps to have a current design or logo, but you don’t need to.  If you have an idea of what you want we can work with you to design and make a sign for you.

All of LED neon signs come with a 2 year guaranteed warranty.

Most LED signs will offer 50,000 to 100,000 light hours of use, which is around 20 years of normal use.

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