Advice & Tips on Buying an Office Neon Sign

Imagine entering an office that transcends the mundane with a vibrant, energizing aura. This is the potential that neon office signs bring to workspaces everywhere. Those well-known neon beacons from every high street in the 1960s have evolved from their traditional roots to modern ones, and if you can believe it, they will be even more vibrant, eco-friendly, and safe in 2024.

At the heart of this shift is the understanding that our workspaces shape our creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. Integrating high-quality light-up signs in our surroundings can alter our mood, motivate our team, and, as it turns out, far more.

Custom LED neon signs present infinite possibilities for customization, branding, and creating an office ambiance that speaks volumes. As we delve into the nuances of these glowing emblems, we’ll explore their practical benefits, safety, and maintenance to ensure you’re making a wise investment in your office’s future.

  • LED light-up signs and neon artwork add modern decor to office spaces.
  • Lighting is important to accentuate and warm spaces.
  • A neon light sign can be customized to suit the company brand and style.
  • Custom sign options include design, color, size, shape, and type of sign.

Our Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Neon Office Sign:

  1. Brand Image: Match a company logo.
  2. Marketing Message: Convey a unique sales point or marketing message.
  3. Ambiance: Set a mood and ambiance in a space with a unique design.
  4. Aesthetics and Style: Unique wall decor with a company design style.
  5. Productivity: Increase output with greater levels of concentration.
  6. Ethos: Inspirational signs convey internal company ethos and unique messages.
  7. Lighting: LED lights are a superior light source for office environments.
  8. Motivation: Inspire team spirit with a vivid decor choice.
  9. Consecutiveness: A versatile wall art piece can connect people.
  10. Eco-friendliness: Low energy consumption, kid-safe, and made with long-lasting materials.

Examples of Office Neon Signs

Importance of Office Aesthetics

In the realm of modern workspaces, the significance of office aesthetics has surged to the forefront, proving indispensable for cultivating an environment where innovation and well-being flourish. A visually appealing office does more than just please the eye; it serves as a wellspring for employee morale, productivity, and a palpable sense of job satisfaction. This is where an office neon sign comes into play, offering a unique blend of form, function, and flair that can transform any ordinary workplace.

Employee Well-Being and Productivity Boosters

  • Injecting playful office art and strategic color use into an office’s design brightens the space, and a neon light promotes focus and enables enhanced concentration.
  • The arrangement of space and furnishings, tailored with comfort and aesthetics in mind, invites happiness and well-being. Motivational and inspirational signs create a nurturing atmosphere, encouraging employees to perform their best.
  • Recognizing the intrinsic value of ergonomic furniture coupled with mood lighting is pivotal for comfort and sustaining a high level of functionality in office tasks.

Recruitment, Branding, and Community

  • When discussing an office’s beauty, we highlight a potent recruitment tool. A work environment embellished with custom neon sign accents or abstract signs speaks volumes about a company’s culture, enhancing the employer brand.
  • The business office layout that blends private havens with community-driven collaborative spaces has been shown to amplify job satisfaction. It’s a fine dance between privacy and teamwork, and an office neon sign for each zone can serve as a beacon, signifying their unique roles within the greater whole.

Personal Touches and Operational Efficiency

  • Personal touches, such as desk decor, instill a profound sense of belonging and pride in one’s workspace. Pairing these aesthetic choices with the functionality of a working office ensures a well-organized and productive zone.
  • Strategic placement of a custom sign can not only bolster an office’s visual appeal but serve as a subliminal cue for organization and efficiency. For instance, a neon sign for office desks can denote specific activity zones, leading to a more streamlined workflow.

Benefits of an Office Neon Sign

At the forefront of contemporary office design, we find the transformative glow of custom LED neon signs – a modern alternative to the glass neon of yesteryear. Leveraging flexible plastic tubing packed with LEDs, these glowing signs boast unbeatable durability and weather resistance, making them a steadfast companion in any professional setting.

Let’s illuminate the multi-faceted benefits LED neon signs bring to an open-plan office:

Visibility That Speaks Volumes

  • Our signs defy traditional barriers with vivid colors and stark contrasts, turning every message into an eye-catching display. We take care to design so that our neon signs never go unnoticed.

Dynamic and Versatile Displays

  • Far from static, LED neon signs offer a playground of visual treats. They can change colors and incorporate captivating animations, fading, flashing, and even moving text. Imagine a custom neon sign in the office reception, transitioning through brand colors, welcoming guests and employees with a dynamic dance of colors and movement.

A Lifespan That Outshines

  • Practicality is key to our design ethos. That’s why our LED neon signs promise longevity, boasting lifespans ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. With minimal replacements and reduced maintenance demands, they are a wise and lasting investment for a business.

Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Sound

  • LED lights consume 1/6th of the power traditional glass neon lights use. They operate at low heat and don’t raise temperatures in the space they operate in. LED lights use limited materials; no toxic gases or substances are needed to manufacture them. Read more about the eco-friendly aspects of LED neon signs.

Safe, Sleek, and Simple to Install

  • Safety in the workspace is non-negotiable. Our glowing signs produce only mild warmth and are designed to be shock-proof and minimize risks. The sleek design of these lightweight luminaries also translates to simplicity in installation and removal, enabling you to revamp your space easily.

Customizing & Branding an Office Neon Sign

In today’s competitive market, customizing your workplace with neon signs isn’t just about vibrant displays; it’s an opportunity to amplify your brand’s voice. We at Neon By Design take pride in our assortment of customizable options that allow businesses to showcase their uniqueness using the latest neon flex technology. You can effortlessly create your design or upload an existing one through our intuitive online platforms. Whether your sleek logo glowing in the reception area or unique neon decor elements that reflect your company’s spirit, our designs are tailored to make your brand’s presence felt.

  • Businesses can explore a variety of collections and themes available, such as business neon signs or vibrant wall art. Inspirational neon quotes can adorn your conference rooms, encouraging your team to strive for greatness.
  • A custom neon sign is a truly personalized way to showcase your brand. This is a result of our collaboration, taking into account your design concepts, font preferences, and style choices. Most often, our business customers choose to use their business logo, or sometimes their unique selling points, and highlight these in a neon sign. A custom LED sign can be fully tailored to suit a business.
  • Each LED neon sign we sell comes with a 2-year warranty, offering peace of mind.
  • We also offer Express and free shipping on all orders.

An Example of a Neon Office Sign

We created a vibrant, dynamic neon sign for a photography studio in Austin, Texas.

Placement Ideas for Maximum Impact

When we consider placement for an office neon sign within an office, it involves more than just finding a space on the wall. The placement needs to consider the sign and goal. Most often, the goal is to create a vibrant and inspiring environment that reflects the brand and will impress visitors. Let’s explore a few strategic locations that can serve as perfect canvases for our glowing signs:

Reception and Lobby Areas:

This is where first impressions are made. Placing a custom neon sign with your business logo here can instantly uplift the ambiance and impress visitors. Consider the color scheme of your lobby to select a neon sign that complements or smartly contrasts with the existing decor.

Conference Rooms:

Motivational phrases rendered in sleek neon can serve as a backdrop for creative thought during meetings. A neon-inspired unique wall decor piece can embed a relaxing mood, perfect for brainstorming sessions or intense discussions.

Employee Workspaces:

We advocate for neon word signs above workstations that resonate with encouragement and positive affirmations. These can raise team spirits and serve as gentle reminders to strive for excellence, inevitably influencing productivity.

Home Workspaces:

For those of us embracing the hybrid model with a home office setup, adding a splash of color through neon lights can help delineate the work area, heighten focus, and stave off the monotony of residential spaces. Wall mounting or hanging are excellent options in this space.

Shift neon sign - placed on a wall

When Designing, Consider These Important Factors


Choose colors that resonate with your brand and match the office’s design style. Bold colors can energize, while softer hues may soothe and calm.


Size is one of the most important factors, and making sure you have sized the sign correctly for the space is crucial to its effectiveness.


Think of the curvature and shape. Custom neon signs can accommodate your brand’s unique logo and unique points about the business space.


The features of the neon sign, like changing colors, reflect the company’s changing style.


Adjust brightness to suit the office environment. You want the sign to stand out without overwhelming the space.


Pay attention to quality by checking the materials and IP & IK ratings, ensuring that your neon sign is durable and suitable for the office environment.

Maintenance and Safety of your Office LED Neon Sign

Regular care is paramount for maintaining the brilliance of an LED office neon sign. Keeping your sign clean and pristine not only maintains its optimal appearance but also ensures its perfect function year after year.

Here’s how you can keep neon light signs glowing and shining bright:

Routine Cleaning Steps

  • Before cleaning, confirm that the sign is powered off and allow it to cool if it was recently turned on.
  • Gently dust the sign using a feather duster or a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any loose particles.
  • If the sign has caked-on dust, it can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution (ensuring there is no excess liquid).
  • Carefully wipe the tubing and the exterior of the sign.
  • After cleaning, inspect your neon sign to ensure it’s free of spots or streaks.
  • Regular cleaning should be done depending on the location and exposure to dust or other contaminants.

Ensuring Longevity and Safety

  • An LED neon sign is energy-efficient and built sturdy for longevity.
  • Avoid frequently plugging and unplugging your neon sign to protect the transformer from wear.
  • Install your sign securely to prevent unnecessary tampering or environmental damage.
  • For outdoor signs, ensure that the waterproofing is maintained and that all accessories and mountings are kept dry to avoid electrical issues.

When to Seek Professional Help

  • If you encounter any signs of damage, such as cracks or broken LED strips, switch off the sign and then contact a professional for repair. This is a faulty electrical device, and it shouldn’t be used until it is fixed.
  • For comprehensive maintenance beyond surface-level cleaning, utilizing professional services can be a wise choice to safeguard your investment.
  • Remember, servicing over time, despite the 20-30 year lifespan of an indoor LED neon sign, which is around 50,000+ light hours, ensures safety and enduring performance. Taking these steps for your office neon sign not only preserves the sign’s vibrant allure but also underscores your business’s smart, safety-conscious practices.


An office neon sign is more than just a bright idea for modern office decor; they are a strategic investment in brand identity, employee morale, and a dynamic workspace environment. Throughout this article, we’ve illuminated these signs’ practical benefits and customization opportunities, ensuring they serve a purpose beyond mere decoration. Whether it’s through enhanced visibility, energy efficiency, or morale boost, these lights provide a way to create team spirit.

We continuously strive to ensure that each neon sign we make suits the office environment it is destined for.

Our team is here to assist you with any questions you may have, ensuring your neon signage experience is as brilliant as the signs themselves.


Do neon gas signs or LED neon signs have a longer lifespan?

  • A traditional neon gas sign will typically last 8-15 years. An LED neon sign has a lifespan of 20-30 years.

What can be customized on an LED neon sign?

  • Lettering Design: You can select from various letter designs that align with your brand ethos.
  • Color: An array of colors to choose from, matching your office theme or brand palette in the neon office sign.
  • Size: Signs can range from 1′ to 100′. Minimum sizes depend on the number of letters or logos you want on the sign—these can only be assessed when designing the sign.

How do you install and set up an office neon sign?

  • Most office neon signs are plug-and-play with a regular mains plug, while larger signs may need a specialist setup.

How do you clean an LED neon sign?

  • Use a feather duster or a soft nylon brush to remove dust from the sign delicately.
  • Use a soft cloth dampened with a mix of household ammonia and water for tougher stains.
  • Ensuring your sign remains as vibrant as on day one is a simple process with our maintenance guidance.

Are neon signs or LED neon signs more eco-friendly?

  • While traditional neon lights possess charm, they do not match the energy efficiency offered by their modern counterparts, the LED light.
  • Our custom neon sign offerings are constructed using environmentally conscious practices. All components are high-quality, hard-wearing, and made with non-harmful materials.

Are neon signs or LED neon signs more energy efficient?

  • LED neon office signs consume 15%-20% of the power compared to traditional gas neon signs.
  • The electronic converters used in LED lights are power-smart, only using the voltage necessary for optimal operation.

Are LED neon signs visually effective during the day?

  • Our neon LED signs are engineered to be visible at any time of the day, and their brightness is adapted to shine even in daylight.
  • At night, the neon LED signs take on a new vividness, standing out like old-school neon gas signs cannot.

What other uses do LED neon signs have besides business space lighting?

  • Customization extends beyond the office – think weddings, events, and celebrations as a night light or add a spark to your home office with great mood lighting. The possibilities are wide-ranging, from functional advertising and branding to decor.

How much do neon light-up signs cost?

  • A typical neon light sign will cost between $200 and $2000. The cost will depend greatly on the sign’s size, the design’s complexity, and its advanced features. This makes for an easily accessible price and is well within budget for most businesses. Sometimes, you can pick up neon artwork at cheaper prices at a sign sale.


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