Neon Pop Art – Using Artistic Neon Signs for Decor

Exploring Neon Art Signs

Neon pop art is a take on pop culture that uses neon wall art to bring new ideas into living spaces. It combines the fun of neon with the design and culture of art, taking the cool of neon to the level of “extremely cool.” A neon art sign might feature an eye-catching word or famous saying designed to grab attention. It might be a provocative design piece or a pop culture symbol.

  • Typical neon Pop Art is something that contains both irony and satire.
  • Pop Art is loud and often combines bright colors.
  • Neon wall art is the perfect combination of LED neon and artistic design.
  • An artistic neon sign can be words, pictures, or other images.
  • LED neon is the perfect type of neon to use as it can be molded to make an eye-catching design.

Artistic Neon Signs for Interior Design

Artistic neon signs have revolutionized interior design by adding vibrant colors and unique expressions to any living space or bedroom. These signs blend the allure of neon lights with artistic flair, making them perfect for residential and commercial settings. Whether it’s a motivational quote, a bespoke design, or an iconic symbol, neon wall signs infuse rooms with personality and a modern twist, transforming bland walls into real interior design wall decor with creativity and style focal points.

Modern Neon Art Signs

Modern neon wall signs are the epitome of contemporary aesthetics, combining cutting-edge design with the timeless glow of neon. These pieces are not just lighting elements; they are statement artworks that reflect the latest trends in graphic design and visual culture. Ideal for avant-garde room decor, tech startups, or minimalist interiors, modern neon art signs offer a sleek, electrifying touch that captivates and inspires, bridging the gap between traditional artistry and futuristic visions.

Retro Neon Wall Art

Retro neon wall art captures the nostalgic essence of the golden era of neon, bringing a piece of history into the present. With designs that hark back to the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, these neon signs embody the charm and charisma of traditional old-school diners, vintage soda, car, oil, and classic Americana. Perfect for the walls of restaurants, game rooms, or anyone looking to add a retro vibe to their home decor. Retro neon wall art creates a strong and vibrant statement, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and a big helping of nostalgia.

Examples of Neon Wall Signs

Here are some examples of neon wall art that we’ve created here at Neon By Design.

Videos of Modern Neon Wall Art (We made)

Things to Know When Choosing Neon Wall Art

Choosing the right neon wall art is like selecting the right art and light simultaneously—it involves more than just picking a design. It’s important to consider the quality of materials, the brightness of the light, and the color accuracy. Energy efficiency and ease of installation are key factors, ensuring the piece fits the intended space in size and style.

  1. Size: Consider the size of the wall space you are buying for
  2. Color: Do the colors match, complement, or contrast with my other artwork?
  3. Fonts: Do the fonts match or contrast with other signs or artwork I have in the space?
  4. Design: Does the design match the space where I place the sign?
  5. Energy-Efficiency: How much power does the sign consume (typically a variable of the number of LED neon lights in the sign and the size of the sign)?
  6. Features: Does the sign change colors or allow for programmable functions like strobing or automatic color-switching?

Neon Art Sign Ideas

  • “Til death” – like the saying but without the depart or marriage bit.
  • “Life is good-bad” – It’s both good and bad at the same time.
  • “Feed me ice cream and tell me I’m pretty.” Everyone likes ice cream and is being told they are pretty.
  • Marilyn Monroe.
  • Frida.
  • Campbell’s Soup.
  • Batman 1960s.
  • Most popular phrases that combine irony and satire.

Custom Neon Signs

Opting for a fully custom neon sign offers more options to dictate the elements above – size, colors, and, most importantly, the sign’s design and features. A custom neon artwork truly reflects your personal taste as you get full creative control and input on the decision-making.

Home decor has never looked better – create a bright, chic LED neon sign with your favorite icons from popular culture.


If you want to create a custom neon wall art piece that fits your style, design, and specifications, please contact our team for a quote.

Another Video of a Custom Art Sign (We also made)


How much should you pay for neon wall art?

The price of a piece of neon art will typically cost between $300 and $1500 – depending on the size, the amount of LED neon flex in the sign, and the complexity of the design.

Do neon signs draw a lot of power?

A typical LED neon sign will draw less than a single 60-watt light bulb. They are very energy-efficient and can safely be used in an office, business, shop, or lounge to decorate a wall.



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