Neon Signs for Room Decor – Professional Advice & Tips

Since 1912, neon signs have dazzled us with their brilliance. Up until recently, not many people would have considered having home decor neon signs.

With the advent of modern technology, we can replicate the vibrant neon sign look without all of the negative aspects of the old-school neon signs. This new lighting technology has allowed neon signs to be created that are more energy-efficient, use fewer components, are safer, and are cheaper to manufacture.

Simply put, home decor neon signs are possible thanks to LED neon lights.

  • Modern technology has produced more reliable, durable, and safer lighting for home decor.
  • Custom neon signs can be created to suit any design, color, style, or space within the home.
  • Neon signs add warmth, color, and style to any room.

Reasons Modern Neon Signs Are Superior to Traditional Neon Signs

  • Safer: Modern neon signs don’t produce heat and are safe to touch even after many hours of use.
  • Colors: Modern neon signs are available in 24 different color options.
  • Control: Modern neon signs can be remotely controlled and dimmed or, with advanced options, changed color and cycle through dynamic options.
  • Easy Install & Maintenance: It’s super easy to maintain. Dust every few weeks. Installing is easy; mount it to the wall using special pins or sticky tape for faster installation.

Video of a Home Decor Neon Sign

Ideas on How to Use Home Decor Neon Signs

In this section, I’ll explore various creative ways to integrate neon lights into your home, from adding a bright splash of color to setting the mood with ambient light.

Discover some of the most interesting ways to use neon lights in home decor:

  • Inspirational Quotes: Neon signs with uplifting or motivational quotes can serve as a daily reminder and a bright focal point in a living space.
  • Personalized Name or Initials: Custom neon signs with a person’s name or initials add a unique and personal touch to bedrooms or home offices.
  • Abstract Shapes and Patterns: Neon lights forming geometric shapes or abstract patterns can act as modern wall art installations, adding character to a room.
  • Neon Light Strips: Flexible neon LED strips can outline furniture, ceilings, or walls, providing ambient lighting and a contemporary look.
  • Iconic Symbols: Classic icons like hearts, stars, or lightning bolts in neon can bring a playful and whimsical element to home decor.
  • Nature-Inspired Designs: Neon signs with silhouettes of trees, flowers, or animals can create a serene atmosphere and connect a room with nature.
  • City Skylines or Landmarks: Neon representations of favorite cityscapes or landmarks can celebrate a love for travel and bring urban flair to a space.
  • Culinary and Beverage Motifs: For kitchen or dining areas, neon signs shaped like food items, coffee cups, or wine glasses can be both decorative and appetizing.
  • Home Bar Signage: Neon signs that say “Bar” feature cocktail glasses or replicate classic bar signs that can create a fun entertainment area at home.
  • Pop Culture References: Neon art featuring movie quotes, music lyrics, or iconic TV shows and film characters can reflect personal tastes and interests.
  • Mood Lighting: Soft-hued neon signs with a dimmer can provide a cozy, ambient glow that enhances relaxation and comfort in a room.
  • Sports and Hobbies: Show off a passion for sports teams, musical instruments, or other hobbies with themed neon signs that celebrate personal interests.
  • Bands: If you are passionate about a particular band or musical act, this could be a great piece of wall art.
  • Famous Logos: Like motorcycle brands, car brands, oil brands, fast food brands, or any other famous logo – all of these can make wonderful neon wall art.
  • Novelty Lights: For purely novelty reasons – like magic eightball or lava-lamp lights.

Benefits & Reasons

There are many benefits to choosing neon lights for use in home decor.

Here are some of the most important aspects:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Neon signs add a vibrant and eye-catching element to home decor, creating a focal point and enhancing a room’s visual interest.
  • Personal Expression: They offer a unique way to showcase personality, interests, and tastes through custom designs, quotes, or symbols.
  • Ambient Lighting: Neon signs provide a soft, ambient light source that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.
  • Versatility: They can be used in various settings, from living rooms and bedrooms to home bars and game rooms, fitting many decor styles.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern neon signs are energy-efficient, consuming less power than traditional lighting options.
  • Conversation Starter: A distinctive neon sign can be a conversation piece for guests, sparking interest and discussion.
  • Mood Enhancement: The glow of neon lighting can influence mood, with certain colors promoting relaxation or energizing a space.
  • Durability: Quality neon signs are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, making them a durable decor investment.
  • Nighttime Functionality: Neon signs can serve as nightlights or guide lights, illuminating pathways or areas of the home at night.
  • Artistic Flair: They can act as a piece of art, adding a creative touch and enhancing the overall aesthetic of a home’s interior design.

Examples of Neon Signs For Room Decor

Customization of Home Decor Neon Signs

Custom neon signs allow for custom neon light decor that is bright and designed specifically for the individual.

With customization options including the following:

  • Design: 2D, 3D, or complex designs can all be brought to life.
  • Backboard Color & Print: We have six different backboard colors, and we can also print a custom design for the backboard to replicate a complex design precisely.
  • Size: A custom neon sign can be 6 inches wide or 6000 inches wide depending on the design.
  • Shape: A custom neon sign can be cut to any shape, cut to letters, or cut to the design.
  • Colors: With 24 colors to choose from, one or many colors can be used in the same sign.
  • Installation type: Wall art, free-standing or hanging.
  • Advanced features: Like color changing, dynamic neon, or RGB.

We can create almost anything regarding neon sign decor – Talk with our team about the neon sign project you have in mind.

Placement of Home Decor Neon Signs

Neon signs can be placed in almost any space within the home; there are virtually no limits to where they can be used. Our LED neon light signs are waterproof and weatherproof, so they can be placed anywhere in the home and be perfectly safe and functioning.

There are limitless uses for custom neon signs in home decor—the most obvious places to use them are in a kid’s room, bedroom, and as wall art.

Here are some of the most popular places to use a neon sign in the home:

  • Entry-way: Used as a welcome or seasonal holiday sign, it is lovely to set the mood upon entry to the home.
  • Living Room: A focal point in the living room, this can be a welcome sign or something more elaborate.
  • Bedrooms: Bedroom neon signs can be mounted on any wall in the bedroom and used as reading lights or mood lights – seen as a finishing touch to a space.
  • Kitchen: Typically food-related neon signs or family-related.
  • Man-Cave: Man-cave of garage neon signs are typically car, motorcycle, or oil brands.
  • Game Room: Gamer neon signs,
  • Kid’s Room: These are typically neon name signs adorning the kids’ room wall.
  • Party Room: Nothing says party quite like neon lighting, so take it to the next level with color-changing options.
  • Stairways: Light up your stairway with a neon sign decoration that is equal parts safety and art.
  • Patio: An outdoor patio is also popular for neon light signs, as they provide light and style.

This list has no limit—if you can dream up a place to use it, it can be designed to be used there.

Installation of Neon Light Signs

We recommend our customers use wall-mounted pins (we provide these as standard). These are 1/2″ long and hold the neon sign off the wall, creating a gap of 1/2″ from the wall to the back of the sign. This gap allows the neon lights on the front of the sign to shine through the backboard and provide a backlit illumination off the wall—it makes the sign look like it is floating—a lovely glow effect.

We also have the option of mounting flat to a wall using screws or mounting to a wall with sticky tape (that leaves no residue and is perfect for rental properties or dorm rooms). There are also hanging options with wire or chains. We can also create desk stands as another option.

For any of these options, we provide detailed documentation and a breakdown of how to install. Contact our team for a PDF instruction manual suited to your installation type.

More Examples of Neon Signs For Room Decor


I previously wrote a longer piece on the maintenance of neon signs—that article provides a more in-depth guide to their upkeep.

For a basic two steps:

  • Dust the neon sign every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Turn the sign off when you are not using it.

Doing both of these things will ensure a long lifespan for a neon sign.

Prices of Neon Signs for Room Decor

Home decor neon signs can cost from $200 to $2000, but this is a very broad range, and the higher-priced signs are rare.

Most of the home decor neon signs we sell are in a tighter price range, from about $400 to $900.

Pricing varies based on the design, size, colors, fonts, and extra features of the home neon sign.


Neon light signs are the perfect statement piece to decorate a home—they can be used as personal expressions of design or simply as mood lights.

I hope you now know how to use neon light signs in your home decor, what you can customize on neon signs and the proper placement of the signs in your home.

You can also choose neon signs for room decor. Talk with our team; we can help you design and create a fabulous neon sign to decorate your space.


What is neon decor?

  • Neon decor is the use of neon or LED neon signs in the decoration of a home, business, or event.

How safe are neon signs in home decor?

  • Modern neon signs are safe for use in the home – Made from LED neon flex, our signs are low-heat, safe to touch, low-voltage, and don’t contain harmful chemicals or gases (unlike old-school glass and gas neon signs). Our neon signs can safely be used in bedrooms or closed spaces without any issues.

Are LED neon signs energy-efficient for home use?

  • Not only are LED neon room signs safe, but they’re also remarkably energy-efficient, consuming less power than the classic glass neons. Our neon signs use LED neon lights – LEDs are cost-effective and eco-friendly, so you can do your part while still getting that aesthetic neon light charm.

Can neon signs be personalized for decor?

  • Modern neon signs offer almost limitless customization in 2D/3D, size, color, shape, design, and plenty of other more advanced features that make for interesting home decor options.

How much does neon decor cost?

  • A neon sign for the home will typically cost between $400 to $900 – depending on the complexity of the design, size, shape, color, fonts, and any color-changing options selected.

What is the warranty on an LED neon sign?

  • Our LED neon signs all come with a 2-year warranty – offering our customers peace of mind.

Can LED neon signs be dimmed?

  • All of our LED neon signs come with a remote control that lets you dim the sign’s brightness.

Where do you put a neon sign in a bedroom?

  • We recommend placing the sign above the bedhead. This provides ambient light for reading and is also the best place for mood lighting.

What is the best color for a neon bedroom?

  • We recommend pink and blue. Pink is associated with joy, happiness, and love. Blue is associated with calmness, rest, and tranquility. All good things to have in the bedroom.


Christopher is our main author, with over 10 years working with businesses and consulting online.  Christopher has a deep understanding of LED lights, LED neon flex, and neon signs and how they can be best used to help business, home, and event decor.

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