Gamer Neon Signs – Ultimate Guide to Using LED Neon Signs for Twitch & Kick

Twitch and Kick are the two biggest platforms for interactive gaming live streaming. Each gamer’s or creator’s profile strongly aligns with several factors about the gamer and their setup. Several things must be in place for a gamer to have a truly successful Twitch or Kick gaming channel.

The most important elements for a creator to have a successful Twitch or Kick channel are:

  • High-quality content
  • Consistency
  • Performance
  • Meaningful connections
  • Streamer brand/image & presentation

For the sake of this article, we’ll only concentrate on one of these points: the image and design of the gaming space and the presentation aspect in the above list. Specifically, I’ll be covering gamer neon signs—mainly Twitch and Kick signs, which are used as Kick and/or Twitch channel background signs. You might have seen the bright, colorful neon signs in the room backdrop of famous live-streamers on Kick or Twitch. These are called gamer neon signs or LED neon signs.

  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, then having a quality background is essential.
  • A gamer neon sign of your channel name allows you to accentuate and highlight your backdrop while adding your brand.
  • Any Twitch or Kick channel screen grabs with your Twitch neon sign will show your brand and, therefore, attract more users outside of Twitch or Kick.
  • Position the LED neon sign to the left or right of your chair and head so it can be easily seen the camera shot
  • Ensure your neon sign contains your brand + the Twitch or Kick logo
  • Buy quality, and talk with companies about what they can offer

A Custom Twitch Sign or Kick Sign for your Gaming Space

The brand and image that the gamer presents in the live stream form the basis for what is seen as a visually compelling and quality channel. Without good presentation, the best content can be lost, so combining all of the elements above with equal measure and competence is vital. Quality presentation is so important that it can completely mitigate all of the other aspects, negating any positives they might have. It suffices to say that the presentation of the streamer brand is crucial.

  • For professional gaming streamers, having a high-quality LED neon sign in their room background adds to the channel’s appeal.
  • Most popular Twitch and Kick gaming channels have a custom Twitch sign or Kick sign.
  • Depending on size and design, a Kick or Twitch neon sign typically costs around $300 to $500.
  • Consider size, design, and features when creating an LED neon sign for a gaming or streaming channel.

Having said that, while it might be the most important, it is also the simplest to create and organize.  Clearly, the image and background that will be used in the live stream, as well as the easiest, most powerful element, are the LED neon signs – these enhance the streamers’ brand and draw the eye of the viewer. Almost all successful Kick and Twitch gamers have an LED neon sign in their background, with their particular logo and brand design.

Benefits of Custom Gamer Neon Signs in Twitch or Kick Backgrounds

  • Enhancing Branding and Image: A customized LED neon sign designed specifically for the channel creator helps establish a distinct identity and enhances its branding and image.
  • Grabbing Attention: Neon gamer signs are bold and draw viewers’ attention, making the live stream more visually appealing. They reinforce the brand and accentuate the streamer’s Kick or Twitch channel.
  • Creating a Unique Visual Experience: A vibrant and strong background with neon signs creates a unique channel that sets the creator apart from others.
  • Increasing Viewer Engagement: Gamer neon signs add an element of excitement and professionalism to the stream, which increases viewer engagement.
  • Building a Professional Presence: Using an LED neon sign as a gaming room’s backdrop contributes to building a professional presence, which is crucial for success in the competitive world of live streaming on both Twitch and Kick.

Popular Livetreamed Games on Twitch & Kick

Popular games on Twitch and kick include these
Some of the most popular games on Twitch and kick include these ..

The most popular games on Twitch and Kick are (in no particular order):

  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Dota2
  • Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Valorant
  • Counter-Strike
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch 2
  • EA Sports FC24
  • World of Warcraft

If you play one of these esports in your man cave or gaming room and need a custom neon gamer sign for your room backdrop, don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss design, size, and features.

Popular Twitch and Kick Channels / Streamers & their Gamer Neon Signs

Many popular Twitch and Kick channels have embraced the use of LED neon signs in their backgrounds to enhance their branding and create a visually appealing Livestream. Some streamers even incorporate dynamic movements and multiple colors in their custom Twitch signs to further captivate viewers. Here are some examples of Twitch and Kick channels using LED neon signs:

Custom Twitch Signs & Kick Signs – Creator Ideas & Concepts

When it comes to designing a custom Twitch sign for your gaming room background, the possibilities are endless. Creators can explore various sizes, colors, and features (which can add movements) to make their gaming room sign truly unique. The selection and adjustment of these factors then affect the cost of the LED neon sign made for the streamers’ channel.

If you’re a creator, then the top things to consider when making your Twitch or Kick background gamer neon sign:

  • The size of the sign – frame up your camera and the background shot, and then mock the placement and size of the sign to measure up the size of the sign you need
  • The design of the sign – if you have a logo or brand design for your channel, then ensure to send the high-resolution images to the neon sign manufacturer
  • Features of the sign—usually, creators want a solid, fixed-color sign so that movement in the sign doesn’t draw away the eye too much, but sometimes, especially if in the far background and blurred, RGB color-changing or dynamic neon signs (which rotate through many colors and patterns) can add to the backdrop. Here are some examples of what this would look like.

Conclusion – Why Every Gamer Needs a Custom Twitch Sign

Overall, using a gamer neon sign in the background of a live stream helps gamers present a quality channel, enhance their branding, grab viewer attention, create a unique visual experience, increase engagement, and build a professional presence. A Twitch neon sign (or Kick neon sign) designed specifically for the creator’s channel offers several benefits. It enhances the creator’s branding and image, helping the creator establish a distinct identity among the many other live-streaming channels on Twitch and Kick.


How big should I make my custom Twitch sign (or Kick sign)?

  • Sizing the Twitch sign for the room background in your video is essential to make the professional image you desire.  Usually, gamer neon signs are between 2′ and 2.5′ wide.

How many colors should I have in my Twitch (or Kick) neon sign?

  • Custom Twitch signs usually have 2-3 colors at minimum, and we recommend focusing on your brand and logo design to ensure the sign is aligned with that.

Should I have any movement or change colors in my neon gamer sign?

  • Usually, your channel’s backdrop is you playing the game, and therefore, you want yourself to be the focus of the stream. The neon sign is simply an eye-catching backdrop.

How much do Twitch (or Kick) neon signs cost?

  • A Twitch and Kick neon sign will cost between $250 and $500, depending on its size, complexity of design, and extra features.

How do you design a neon gamer sign for Twitch and/or Kick?

  • Talk with a company that can help you design and build a suitable sign. Our team specializes in making custom neon signs for streamers and capturing their logo and channel brand in a high-quality LED neon sign.

How do I position the Twitch (or Kick) neon sign in my background?

  • Usually, gamers will position the LED neon sign to the back left or back right of the creator/streamer and usually 6 to 9 feet behind. This distance allows for a sign around 3′ wide; with less distance back, a smaller sign might be more appropriate.


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