Garage Neon Signs – Pro Tips & Advice

Whether you’re a car lover, a vintage enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a unique way to spruce up your garage, garage neon signs are your answer. This article delves into the transformative appeal of these radiant beauties and how they can turn a regular garage into a captivating environment.

  • Garage neon signs add vibrant color and ambiance to any garage, workshop, or man-cave
  • Garage neon signs can be of car brands, oil manufacturers, sports teams, beer brands, or anything else.
  • The lights from LED lights are bright and help with the usually dimly lit garage (ask a mechanic)

What are neon garage signs?

Typically, they are garage decor pieces that feature the logo or design of a car, oil, sports team, or beer brand in a neon sign. They are mostly the logo of the same product or brand in neon or LED neon lights. These appeal to those passionate about those things and want them up in their garage or man cave.

How do vintage garage signs compare to modern garage signs?

When we discuss using a neon sign in the garage, we think of those antique garage signs from the 1920s to 1950s. It’s a metal-backed sign with some logo printed on it (maybe Ford, Chrysler, Mobile Oil, or Shell Oil) with neon gas in glass tubing, and it makes a gentle hum as the electricity is used to make it light up. A real vintage garage neon sign likely had glass tubing filled with neon gas and was limited in color.

The modern version of that vintage sign is made with LED neon flex, which is mounted onto an acrylic backboard and printed with the same vintage logo. LED lights can be used in over 24 different color combinations. LED neon signs also last longer (15-20 years), have very little heat (safe to touch), hold their color for years, and are far more durable (glass is fragile).

To be frank, an LED neon garage sign replicates those old garage signs very well and comes with so many benefits that the old car signs for the garage simply don’t compare to their newer equivalents.

A Modern LED Garage Sign vs a Vintage Garage Sign

The biggest advantages of the newer technology of the LED garage sign are that it’s brighter, sturdy, energy efficient, and cheaper to buy than its old-school counterpart. In comparison, the vintage garage signage used consumed about five times more electricity, was expensive to manufacture, and was very delicate to transport (remember, it uses glass and gas tubing).

Real-life example signs for the garage

Videos of some real-life examples (we made)

Garage Decor – Passion for Cars

In the spaces we love to spend time in with people who enjoy cars, sports, beer, and sports – we want to feature posters, pictures, and decor that enforce our love for these things.

An LED garage sign of your favorite car brand or several brands is a great way to adorn the walls of your home, work garage, or even man-space. For many, their garage becomes a sanctuary to unwind after a long day, delve into their passion for cars, and create cherished memories.

An LED garage sign hanging from the ceiling in radiant color can transform a garage into a welcoming sanctuary for people who are passionate about cars. Get your very own modern vintage garage decor!

Car Brands

Classic car brands often serve as the inspiration behind many signs. Brands like Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Dodge represent the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering. Displaying these brands on a garage wall is like the old signs for the garage you would have seen in years past and is a nod to their significance in the industry.


Oil Brands

Oil brands like Shell and Mobil also play a crucial role in the automotive industry. They not only provide the lubrication necessary for vehicles to function smoothly, but their products also represent a rich history filled with innovations and achievements. Having an oil brand sign adds an additional touch of authenticity to the garage decor.


Sports Teams

Everyone loves sports (maybe not quite everyone, but you get the point). Hanging a sign with your favorite sports team logo on a wall or in the man cave adds a further personal touch to the decor.

LA Lakers
LA Lakers

Beer Brands

If you liked all of the above ideas, then having your favorite beer brand logo on the wall is an easy addition. There are so many wonderful beer brands in the USA, and adding a bright-colored beer sign to the wall adds to the decor.


A Customized Garage Neon Sign – to Suit Your Style

If you want something a little more custom, something totally suited to the space in your garage – maybe you want to control the size, the color, the design, or the features of the sign – and a ready-made sign just isn’t going to cut it for you, you can always consider a custom neon sign.

Custom neon signs provide complete design control, so you can collaborate with our design team to refine a sign to your specific liking.

If you have a picture of one of those great old-school garage signs for sale in the 1950s and you fell in love with the design but obviously cannot buy the original, we can quite easily replicate that sign for you with modern neon alternatives.

For custom garage neon signs completely tailored to your preferences, size, or requirements, please use our quote form.


A neon sign can uniquely inject personality, color, passion, and creativity into any garage decor.

Contact our team if you want a small or large garage sign with any logo or image, and we can create it for you.

An automotive neon sign is a vibrant testament to a passion for cars and trucks – a glowing celebration of the famous brands of the automotive World.


Can neon signs be in a cold garage?

  • An LED garage sign can be designed to work in any environment – indoor, outdoor, cold, dusty – with proven weatherproofing techniques, so this won’t be an issue for the sign.

Do neon garage signs use a lot of electricity?

  • A modern garage sign uses LED lights in a tubing, often called LED neon flex. LED neon flex uses about 1/5th of the electricity that a gas vintage sign for a garage uses.
  • In a practical comparison, an LED garage sign uses about 1/5th the amount of electricity that a common household single 60-watt lightbulb uses.

What is the price for a neon garage sign?

  • A typical neon sign will cost about $300 to $700. The price depends on the size, complexity, and features of the sign—multiple colors with RGB, dimmers, or dynamic neon add to the price.

How do I mount or hang an LED garage sign?

  • We recommend mounting to the wall as it is a stable fixture. We can provide wall mounting pins that hold the sign securely on the wall. Hanging the LED garage sign from a ceiling is also a common option for people to select.

How long does shipping take for an LED garage sign?

  • We offer free shipping and Express Post for super-fast delivery to all locations in the USA. Typically, customers receive their orders within ten days of placing them.


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