Neon Bar Signs – Professional Decor Advice

In this article, I will talk through and advise on neon bar signs. I’ll discuss ambiance, several ideas for commercial and home bar décor, custom neon signs for bars, and effective placement of signs in the space.

Bars are known to have neon signs—they are, I might say, a mainstay, a feature—and in my humble opinion, a bar, big or small, commercial or home-based, would not “feel right” without at least a few neon signs.

There is just something about the combination of a bar, the feel, the nighttime atmosphere, the alcohol, and the lighting given off by a neon sign (or several neon signs). It all seems to work when mixed together – the warmth, the coziness, the vibrant colors, and the ambiance.

  • Bars are known for their neon signs.
  • A bar without neon feels empty, devoid of personality.
  • Neon signs add mood lighting, warmth, and ambiance.
  • Neon signs typically last 8 to 15 years.
  • Popular neon signs for bars include logos of famous liquor and beer brands or funny quotes or sayings.

Crafting Ambiance in a Bar

Every successful commercial bar owner knows that one of the most important aspects of having a successful bar is getting and keeping customers. The more customers you get and the longer you keep them, the more they drink and eat. It then follows that the more customers drink and eat, the more likely a bar business will be successful.

Obviously, the aspect of money-making doesn’t apply to home bar owners. Still, the same principles of ambiance, decor, and comfort do apply – after all, who wants to be in a bar with no personality? Whether it’s a commercial or home bar, a lack of personality is a no-go!

Neon lights and neon bar signs provide that ambiance lift—once a bar buys a neon sign, customers can see and feel the energy lift, the boost to mood, and the warmth in the space. Custom bar neon signs define a venue—they make the venue unique and stand out.

Examples of Neon Bar Signs

Bar Ambiance & Decor Advice

If you are looking to decorate and create the interior design of your bar, then consider all of these important factors:

  • Lighting: The intensity and color of lighting can greatly affect the mood, with softer, dimmer lights often creating a more intimate or relaxed atmosphere.
  • Music: Background music should complement the bar’s theme and be set at a volume that encourages conversation while enhancing the overall vibe.
  • Furniture and Layout: Comfortable seating and a thoughtful layout can facilitate social interactions and comfort, influencing how customers experience the space.
  • Color Scheme: The choice of colors in a bar’s interior design can evoke different emotions; warm tones can create a cozy feel, while cool tones might give a sleek, modern look.
  • Style and Theme: A unique style and a consistent theme can create a memorable bar atmosphere and provide a distinctive character that sets it apart from others.
  • Acoustics: Good acoustics are important to prevent the space from becoming too noisy and ensure that customers can enjoy the music and their conversations.
  • Temperature: A comfortable temperature is crucial for keeping guests relaxed and ensuring they stay longer.
  • Scent: A subtle, pleasant scent can enhance the ambiance and may become a signature aspect of the bar’s identity.
  • Service Quality: Friendly and attentive staff contribute significantly to the ambiance, making customers feel welcome and cared for.
  • Cultural Touches: Incorporating local art, crafts, or cultural references can create a sense of place and authenticity, appealing to locals and tourists.

The best piece of advice you can get when it comes to ambiance is that you only get one chance at a good first impression, so make it good. Take the elements above, try to work them into your plan, and design accordingly.

A Video of a Hotel & Bar Neon Sign

Neon Sign Ideas for Bars

There are so many ideas and options when it comes to selecting neon bar signs—be it for a home bar, commercial bar, or even man caves.

Here are some great ideas to help inspire you:

  • Beer Brand Logos: If you serve beer, then why not have all of those brands with neon signs as their logo? This is a form of lighting, advertising, and a neon bar aesthetic.
  • Liquor Brand Logos: Using the logos of famous liquor brands to highlight them is quite a good tactic.
  • Bar Logo: Using the current bar logo and turning it into a custom neon sign.
  • Classic Bar Name in Script: A slightly cheaper option than using the bar logo is to create a neon sign featuring the bar’s name in one of the many cursive fonts.
  • Cocktail Glass Icon: An illuminated cocktail glass or shaker can instantly communicate the bar’s purpose and invite those looking for a crafted drink.
  • Live Music Symbol: A neon sign with a musical note or guitar signals to customers that the venue offers live music, creating an inviting atmosphere for music lovers.
  • Catchphrase or Slogan: A catchy or humorous phrase in neon can spark curiosity, become a conversation starter, and be a memorable branding element.
  • Sports Team Logo: Showcasing support for a local sports team with their logo in neon can draw in fans and create a sense of community on game nights.
  • Abstract Art or Patterns: Neon signs with abstract designs or patterns add a modern, artistic touch and can set a creative and unique vibe. Abstract art is definitely not suited to sports bars, but they are the perfect addition to trendy inner-city bars.
  • Seasonal or Holiday Themes: Changing the neon signs you display during the holiday season keeps the bar’s decor fresh and engaging for regulars.
  • “Happy Hour” Sign: A bright and enticing “Happy Hour” neon sign can be a great way to draw in a crowd during slower business hours. Place in the window for maximum exposure.
  • Ocean or Tropical Motif: For a coastal or island-themed bar, neon signs of palm trees, waves, or sea creatures can enhance the exotic ambiance. Did someone say “Tiki Bar”?

More Examples of Neon Bar Signs

Benefits of a Neon Bar Sign

By now, it should be clear that lighting, either direct or indirect, adds character and warmth to any space. The right kind of lighting also has the added benefit of drawing the eye, so if you want to highlight particular aspects of your bar—for example, light brands of beer that you now sell—then neon signs can easily do this.

The Role of Color in Creating Ambiance

We all know that color can and does impact mood and emotions. I wrote a longer piece on selecting colors for a space. However, for the sake of bar decor and ambiance, it’s important to outline more specific advice.

Let’s explore the psychology of color and how it weaves into the ambiance, ultimately contributing to the success of a bar:

  • Stimulating Appetites: Rich reds and warm oranges are more than mere aesthetic choices; they’re deliberate stimulants for appetite and social energy. They also promote conversations and heighten senses, encouraging guests to indulge in another round, savor your bar menu, or visit your restaurant.
  • Creating Calm: Blues and greens subtly signal health and tranquility. These hues mimic nature, creating a relaxing and calm vibe.
  • Enhancing Thirst: In addition to the above, blue colors can also induce thirst. This sounds perfect for a bar, right? Integrating a blue neon bar sign effectively creates a thirst-quenching oasis.
  • Cleanliness: The color white is associated with cleanliness and being pristine. They could be used as signs for the toilets or kitchen.
  • Joy & Happiness: The color yellow is associated with joy and excitement. Introduce this color neon sign into your bar, and use it in places where the entertainment is, behind the bar, or in spaces with activity. Yellow is eye-catching and grabs attention.

Matching colors with the type of sign you plan on using can drive engagement and conversation.

Personalized Touch – Custom Neon Bar Signs

Often, bars want to create a neon sign that is completely tailored to their specific bar—be it a neon sign of their logo or some completely custom message or quote that their bar is known for. Options like that are inspirational and beautiful once made.

If you are looking to control all of the aspects of the design, then here are variables to consider when making custom neon bar signs:

  • Colors: Color is one of the most important aspects of any neon sign. It’s important to consider contrasting colors, clashes, and harmony of the bar’s many other interior design aspects, either near or around where the neon sign will be placed.
  • Size: Choosing the right size is important—you definitely don’t want a neon sign that is too big, especially if there are other neon signs in the bar space. On the counter, choosing a neon sign that is too small is definitely worse—it’ll be lost and pointless.
  • Design: If it’s a custom neon sign, you can choose the design yourself. Bespoke means we can print a design to the backboard to replicate it precisely, or you can choose some other obscure design you like. Fonts are also a factor in this aspect.

If you want custom neon signs for your bar, please contact our team to learn how we can help.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Impact

When considering the strategic placement of neon bar signs, we’re setting the stage for maximum impact and audience engagement. From a decor standpoint, here are the most important factors that contribute significantly to a sign’s impact:

  • High-Visibility Zones: Neon bar signs placed in areas of high foot traffic, such as entryways and bar windows, ensure they are impossible to miss.
  • Behind the Bar: The most obvious spot for neon bar signs is behind the bar. We recommend placing them in the top and bottom corners on either end of the bar and then, as best as possible, in the middle (it could be the top or bottom).
  • Understanding your Audience: Understanding the target audience’s behavior is pivotal. We put ourselves in potential customers’ shoes, gauging their movement patterns within and around the establishment. This way, we ensure our neon signs are always in their line of sight, whether they’re approaching from a specific direction or congregating in popular areas.
  • Secure Fixing: The last thing you want is for your new neon signs to get damaged, so avoid spots where neon signs can be damaged or touched by patrons (especially drunk ones). Once those spots are selected then ensure to use secure fixing screws, mounting the sign to a wall is the recommendation, although you can also hang a neon sign.
  • Easy Cleaning: While the maintenance aspect of having neon signs is minimal, to keep them shining bright and improve their longevity, we recommend having easy access to clean and dust them every couple of weeks. So, don’t mount or hang the sign 30 feet up if you can avoid it.

Prices of Neon Bar Signs

A neon bar sign will be priced in the range of $200 to $2000 – it depends on several factors:

  • Indoor use or outdoor use
  • Size of the sign
  • Complexity of the design
  • Advanced features – color changing, RGB or Dynamic Neon

With all of these variables being so wildly varied, it’s hard to pinpoint a price until all of them are known, but most will sit in the slightly smaller range of $400 to $1200.

The lower-end pricing, $200-400, tends to apply to ready-made small signs, and very few bar signs run north of $1200—they are large or complex designs.


I wrote a lengthy and in-depth article on maintaining neon signs so I won’t rehash all of that. If you want to, go here to learn how to clean your neon sign.

We build neon signs to be extremely durable, but they need cleaning every now and then.

Here is a very short maintenance summary:

  • Dusting: Regularly dust your neon sign. Maybe once or twice a month is sufficient.
  • Check for Issues: When you are dusting, make sure to check for any signs of wear on the sign, cracks, or any other issues.


I’m sure you will agree with me that a bar just isn’t complete unless it has many neon signs—they set the mood, the warmth, and the vibe. A bar’s character is its ambiance, and its ambiance drives engagement and then re-engagement. If the bar is inviting, welcoming, and warm, then everyone will feel more comfortable and keep coming back.

So, whether you are buying neon bar signs for home or commercial venues, careful consideration of color, design, and placement can greatly improve a bar’s aesthetic appeal.

Talk with our team of expert interior designers about using a neon bar sign for your commercial or home bar. Use this form to Reach out to us.


Why buy a custom neon bar sign?

  • A custom neon bar sign is a way to fully express a bar’s unique identity—it can be a bar logo, custom design, or quote for what the bar is famous for. A custom neon sign is a way to set a bar apart from others—this is one of the things that makes your bar unique and different from other venues. They also make for a unique present for people setting up a bar—at home, in a man cave, or in a commercial venue.

What do I need to consider when buying a neon bar sign?

  • The design of the neon sign, the size, complexity, indoor/outdoor capability, and any advanced features of the sign. These factors all influence the price of the sign.

What are the aftercare and guarantees for neon signs?

  • Neon By Design signs boast a lifespan of 15+ years, backed by a 2-year Guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Are neon signs safe and sustainable?

  • Our neon signs are perfectly safe and equipped with a US plug and US-approved power adaptor. We use premium components and materials to make our neon signs, which are energy-efficient—using 1/6th the energy that a standard glass neon sign would use.

What are the most popular neon bar signs?

  • Some of the most popular neon signs for bars include logos of famous liquor and beer brands or funny quotes and sayings.


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