Salon Neon Signs – Pro Decor Tips

From the nostalgic flair of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s to the modern technologies that have driven a resurgence in neon signage options, neon lights are undoubtedly capable of eye-catching and eye-holding.

Salons and spa retreats are usually boring, with standard decor, white walls, some flowers, and minimal color.

The advantage of this for a beauty salon is that it can harness color psychology combined with the allure of neon to create gorgeous neon wall art that calms, comforts, and creates joy in customers.

This expert guide walks through the types of signs and specific ideas, benefits, customization options, and considerations. I give plenty of examples of neon signs that can be used in a salon.

  • Neon signs add vibrancy, color, and warmth to a salon
  • Ensure to design a neon sign that suits your salon theme
  • Neon signs can be tailored to suit any beauty salon

Video of a Neon Salon Sign

Types of Salons & Neon Sign Ideas

So, how precisely does a salon take advantage of neon signs to improve its decor or highlight its services? Salons walk this fine line between wanting ambiance and also needing to improve sales.

Here are some ideas for how various salon types can benefit and how to do that practically.

Hair Salon

  • Ambiance: An idea for hair salons is to use a neon sign with a flowing, cursive script that can add a modern and chic touch, glowing warmly to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Highlighting: Feature hair salon neon signs that showcase popular hairstyles or phrases like “Cut, Color, Style” to immediately inform clients of the services.

Nail Salon

  • Ambiance: Soft, pastel-colored hair salon signs can enhance the salon’s relaxing environment, perfect for a pampering session.
  • Highlighting: Display neon icons of nail polish or hands to communicate the salon’s specialty in manicures and pedicures visually.

Spa Salon

  • Ambiance: Use dimmable neon signs with serene imagery, such as lotus flowers or calming words, to create a tranquil spa atmosphere.
  • Highlighting: Neon signs listing spa services like “Massage”, “Facial”, or “Wellness” can guide clients to their desired treatments.

Tanning Salon

  • Ambiance: A sun-themed neon sign can emit a warm glow, mimicking the feeling of basking in natural sunlight.
  • Highlighting: Signs that read “Bronze Glow” or feature a sunbed icon can effectively advertise the tanning options available.

Makeup Salon

  • Ambiance: A glamorous neon sign with a makeup palette or brush design can set a professional and artistic mood for makeup enthusiasts.
  • Highlighting: Use neon text like “Makeover Station” or “Beauty Bar” to attract clients looking for makeup application services.

Barber Shop

  • Ambiance: A classic striped neon barber pole sign can give a nod to tradition while providing a cool, retro vibe.
  • Highlighting: Neon signs with words like “Shave” and “Trim” or icons of scissors and razors can clearly indicate the grooming services offered.

Beauty Supply Store

  • Ambiance: Bright and colorful neon signs can create a fun and energetic atmosphere, encouraging customers to explore the products.
  • Highlighting: Signs with phrases like “New Arrivals” or “Sale” can draw attention to promotions and special product offerings.

Themed Beauty Salon (e.g., Vintage, Modern, etc.)

  • Ambiance: A neon sign that matches the salon’s theme, such as an art deco for a vintage salon, can reinforce the unique branding and feel.
  • Highlighting: Custom neon signs highlighting specialized services or the salon’s tagline can make the beauty salon stand out and resonate with its target audience.

Examples of Salon Neon Signs

Benefits of Beauty Salon Neon Signs

Incorporating neon signs for beauty salons can serve as a branding beacon and a stylistic accessory.

Here are some of the benefits:

Identity & Style:

By tying in with a beauty salon’s brand identity, a neon sign becomes the perfect connection between style and professionalism when viewed by potential clients.

Client Ambiance and Attraction:

There is this interesting contradiction with bright neon lights: they can both attract attention and simultaneously calm. Thereby achieving improvements in ambiance.

Efficiency & Durability:

Modern neon signs outshine their traditional counterparts with a long lifespan and energy savings. Here’s why they are the savvy choice:

  • Eco-Friendly Glow: With LED lights lasting a spectacular 40,000 to 80,000 light hours and consuming up to 75% less energy.
  • Built to Last: Weather and time are testaments to quality – we make indoor and outdoor neon signs that are handmade, quality, and designed to last.

Designing & Using Custom Neon Signs in Beauty Salons

A custom sign is a bespoke sign designed and created specifically for a salon. If a business owner is looking to customize a neon sign, we recommend considering the following important factors.


  • Design: A neon sign can have branded logos, inspirational quotes, or anything your imagination can dream up on a sign. If a design is more complex than the LED neon flex can mold to, then the design can be printed to the backboard, and LED can be used to accentuate the design.
  • Size: Neon signs can be anywhere from 6 inches to 100 feet wide. The size of the sign is completely dictated by the design. Usually, we recommend a sign that is between 4 and 6 feet wide as a good size for a salon.
  • Shape of the Backboard: We use a high-quality acrylic backing, about 1/2″ thick, as the foundation for where we mount the LED lights. Consider the cut of the sign—rectangle, cut to shape (close cut to design), or cut to the letter (some call this naked neon).
  • Colors: Our neon signs are available in 24 different LED colors. Choose complementary colors or colors to enhance mood.
  • Fonts: A neon sign can use almost any font, and our catalog features over 100,000 fonts from which to choose. Use a font that represents your salon brand.
  • Advanced Features: Multi-color, animations, or advanced programmable options. A dimmable option is necessary so the brightness can be tuned to suit.
  • Ambiance: Consider how the combination of design, size, and color will impact and change the salon’s ambiance.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Our neon signs are very easy to install and maintain. This section will be short as we refer to our prior blog post on the maintenance of neon signs, but in short, here are the most important steps to install and maintain.

Installation Tips

  • Location Matters: Choosing a wall for your sign that is out of the way of high-traffic areas, minimizing the risk of accidental contact. Choose a spot on the wall where there is likely to be a strong visual impact. Ensure access to a nearby power outlet.
  • Gentle Handling: Upon delivery, inspect the neon sign for any issues. When installing your neon sign, make sure to handle it carefully – remember, this is a handmade piece of artwork.
  • Mount Precisely: For easy installation plan out where you want the sign, mark the holes, and then using the installation accessories (nails, screws, or tape) mount the sign on the wall carefully. The option to hang the sign might suit some installations. Power cables should be in conduit or hidden from tripping or catching on things or people.

Maintenance Tips

Cleanliness is the key to maintaining the allure of your neon sign

Here are our super simple tips:

  • Dust Off: Regular dusting with a feather duster helps to keep the signs bright and clear.
  • Light Management: Operating salon neon signs continuously is possible; however, we recommend turning the sign off at least every couple of weeks for 12+ hours (to give it a rest).


I hope that this post has been helpful in guiding beauty salon owners on the various ideas, benefits, and considerations when buying a neon sign for their salon.

In summary, make sure to consider all aspects of the neon sign you will be buying, how it will fit into your salon, and how best to utilize it to drive the change or enhancement you want to achieve.

Neon By Design specializes in bringing unique designs to life. Talk with our team today – we’ll turn your design into a beautiful neon light sign!


Why are neon signs a popular choice for beauty salon decor?

  • The relaxed and serene atmosphere created by neon signs plays a significant role in attracting and retaining customers. If you combine the known warmth and joy of certain colors with neon, you have a compelling sign for use in a salon. For example, a pink neon sign for a salon is perfection.

Can a neon sign be customized for a salon?

  • Yes, custom neon signs are a perfect choice for salon decor. A custom design can match almost any design you can dream of, from branded logo signs to simple cursive name signs.

What should I consider when creating a neon sign for a salon?

  • Colors: Select colors that resonate with your brand identity and the ambiance you aim to create, like joy-filled pinks for a salon, fun-packed reds, or soothing blue for a spa. Consider color psychology.
  • Sizing: The size of a sign greatly impacts the space. If it’s too big, it’ll dominate, and if it’s too small, it’ll be lost in the space. Aim for about 1/6th to 1/10th the wall size.
  • Design: The sign’s design can be your logo or an inspirational quote. A neon sign can be made of most designs.
  • Advanced Features: Consider if you want the sign to be dimmable, animated, or have changing colors. These advanced features allow a more refined setting in the salon.

How soon can I expect my custom neon sign to be delivered?

  • We use FedEx and DHL for delivery and send all orders via Express Post – Delivery times are typically 5-7 days from dispatch.

What design services are available to help me create a custom neon sign?

  • Neon By Design® simplifies the process with a free design service. This service enables you to collaborate on one or more designs until you’re completely satisfied—all at no extra charge. You can also experiment with their online builder to choose custom text, fonts, layouts, and colors.


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