2024 Analysis of the LED Neon Sign Industry

Amidst rapid technological evolution and shifting consumer expectations, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of vibrant, engaging marketing tools. A standout example is the integration of LED neon lights, which not only captivates attention but significantly enhances brand perception. The rise of LED neon signs, particularly in sectors demanding high visibility and aesthetic appeal, marks a transformative era in business marketing strategies.

This survey of business owners dives into the effectiveness of LED neon signs and their tangible impact on sales and marketing, highlighting a trend that merges utility with innovation for amplified business performance.

Our exploration begins with a reflection on the LED neon lights market’s vigorous expansion, now drawing global investors and industry leaders. With market projections indicating substantial growth by 2031, the burgeoning interest in custom LED neon, neon logo signs, and business neon signs underscores their critical role in contemporary advertising and store aesthetics. From custom light signs for businesses to handcrafted designs that mirror brand ethos, the shift towards LED neon is not just about illumination but about forging connections, enhancing brand visibility, and driving commercial success.

As we delve into the survey results and insights from business owners, the narrative will unravel the multifaceted benefits of LED neon signs in redefining business marketing and performance.

  • In 2024 the LED neon sign industry has an estimated valuation of USD$329m
  • By 2031 the industry is expected to reach USD$480m
  • Business owners who bought LED neon signs said, “Choose the right manufacturer, spend time getting the design of the sign right”
  • Business owners said,”Choose LED over gas neon”

LED neon sign industry survey and analysis results for 2024

About the LED Neon Sign Market & Manufacturers

Our survey unveiled compelling insights into the burgeoning neon signs market, expected to grow significantly from 2024 to 2031. We gleaned these insights through a series of questions aimed at understanding the effectiveness of LED neon signs in business marketing and their impact on sales. Here’s a summary analysis of the key findings:

  • Market Growth and Value:
    • In 2024, the neon signs market was valued at USD 329.94 million, with projections indicating a rise to USD 479.8 million by 2031. This growth trajectory underscores the increasing adoption of neon signage in various sectors.
  • Applications and Types:
    • Neon signs find widespread applications across Advertising, Commercial, Traffic, Construction, Indoor and Outdoor Decoration, among others. Notably, businesses are leveraging Custom Neon Signs, Neon Open Signs, and Business Neon Signs to enhance visibility and brand appeal.
  • Consumer Preferences and Business Impact:
    • Our survey revealed that 5% of respondents are attracted to bright and colorful signage, indicating a clear preference for eye-catching designs.
    • A significant 2% have visited a store or business purely based on the allure of its signage, emphasizing the direct impact of quality signs on foot traffic.
    • Alarmingly, 6% admitted to having difficulty locating a business due to inadequate or absent signage, spotlighting the critical role of signs in aiding business discoverability.
    • Reflecting on the quality of business and its offerings, 9% believe that signage mirrors the quality of a business, with 76.3% having made purchases triggered by an engaging sign.

These findings not only highlight the vital role of LED neon signs in enhancing business visibility and customer engagement but also underscore the importance of investing in quality signage to foster positive brand perceptions and drive sales. Through the lens of our survey, it’s evident that businesses embracing innovative and captivating LED neon signage are poised to stand out in the competitive market landscape, thereby amplifying their marketing effectiveness and overall performance.

What Recommendations Business Owners Had

Drawing insights from our survey, business owners shared valuable recommendations on selecting and implementing LED neon signs to maximize their marketing and performance impact. Their number one piece of advice was to choose a reputable manufacturer to work with, “Especially if you are considering a custom LED neon sign” one response said:

Selecting the Right Custom LED Neon Sign Company:

  • Neon By Design: Recognized for its high-quality products and extensive customization options, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for unique, easy-to-maintain signage solutions. Their standout customer support ensures a smooth design and installation process.
  • Voodoo Neon: Ideal for retail stores, offering both ready-made signs and custom LED neon signs. Their quick production turnaround and custom design services make them a go-to for businesses needing timely and eye-catching signage which has been pre-designed.

Advantages of LED-Illuminated Signage Over Traditional Neon:

  • Brightness and Energy Efficiency: LED-illuminated signs are not only brighter than their neon counterparts but also consume less energy, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for businesses.
  • Customer Attraction: The superior brightness and color of LED signs are more likely to attract customers, laying the groundwork for a positive experience even before they enter the premises.
  • Impact on Visibility: The color and brightness of LED signage significantly impact how quickly potential customers notice a business, making it a critical factor in increasing foot traffic and, subsequently, sales.

By adhering to these recommendations, business owners can leverage the full potential of LED neon signs to enhance their marketing efforts, improve business visibility, and create a lasting impression on customers. The emphasis on customization, quality, and strategic implementation underscores the role of LED neon signs as a powerful tool in the competitive business landscape.

Case Studies of Successful LED Neon Sign Implementations

In our survey, we uncovered several compelling case studies that demonstrate the transformative power of LED neon signs across various industries. These real-world examples highlight not only the aesthetic appeal but also the significant impact on business performance.

Retail and Hospitality:

  • Nike: Leveraging the iconic “Just do it” slogan in an illuminated LED neon format contributed to a dramatic sales increase from $877 million to over $9 billion. This visual storytelling strategy underscored the brand’s dynamic presence and motivational ethos.
  • Camden Pizza : By installing a bright, attention-grabbing neon sign above their counter, they managed to stand out amidst a crowded retail environment, drawing pedestrians from nearby retailers and significantly enhancing visibility.

Healthcare and Event Planning:

  • 24/7 Fitness Gyms: The use of 11 custom branded neon signs across their facilities not only distinguished their brand but also created a high-energy atmosphere that resonated with over 50,000 members, bolstering both membership growth and social media engagement.
  • Super Creamery : The introduction of a neon sign message as part of their in-store kiosks served as a live selfie wall, sparking increased customer interaction and a notable 35% sales uplift during the off-season.

Key Insights:

  • LED neon signs are a pivotal marketing tool, offering up to 75% energy savings, customization in any shape or size, and a lifespan of 50,000-100,000 hours. These features make them not only a visually appealing option but also an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.
  • The versatility of LED neon signs, capable of animations, color changes, and moving messages, allows businesses to create dynamic, engaging displays that capture customer attention and enhance brand awareness.
  • Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to maintaining the longevity and brightness of LED neon signs, ensuring they remain a vibrant and effective part of a business’s marketing strategy for years to come.

These case studies underscore the effectiveness of LED neon signs in enhancing brand visibility, attracting customers, and driving sales across diverse sectors. By embracing this innovative signage, businesses can achieve remarkable results, making LED neon signs a valuable investment in today’s competitive market landscape.


Through this comprehensive survey of business owners, we’ve uncovered clear evidence that LED neon signs are not only a captivating marketing tool but also a significant driver of sales and performance enhancements across various industries. The findings underscore the importance of vibrant, innovative signage in attracting customer attention, enhancing brand visibility, and ultimately, improving business outcomes. The emphasis laid by business owners on customization, quality, and strategic placement further highlights LED neon signs as a critical element in the competitive landscape, capable of forging deeper connections with consumers and elevating the overall brand experience.

In light of these insights, it becomes apparent that investing in LED neon signs is more than a mere aesthetic decision; it is a strategic business move with proven returns. Beyond their immediate visual appeal, these signs represent a wise investment in sustainable marketing, promising not only to draw in customers but also to leave a lasting impression that is likely to encourage repeat business. As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of a dynamic market environment, the strategic adoption of LED neon signs emerges as a beacon of innovation and performance, paving the way for future growth and success.



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