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In this article, I delve into the big topic of neon gym signs. I walk through the decision-making process and reasons to get a neon sign for a gym, the benefits, some ideas on what kind of signs might suit a gym, and how to place that neon sign in the actual workout space.

Let’s dive in.

  • Motivation is the difference between success and failure.
  • Inspirational quotes can motivate people and help people hit their wellness and fitness goals.
  • Gym neon signs are the perfect delivery method for inspirational quotes.
  • Design, size, color, and placement are the most important factors in using a neon sign in a fitness center.
  • Inspiration and motivation come in many forms – choosing the right triggers and sayings for your gym is personal.

Motivation Matters

Gyms make it their business to motivate and inspire. Everyone who goes to the gym knows that motivation in sports matters. If you’re working out or striving to gain muscle or fitness, motivation is the difference between a good workout and a poor one.

The goal of every workout should be to challenge yourself to achieve your personal best. Your motivation can distinguish between reaching for your best and falling flat near your worst. Simple self-affirming affirmations when working out, like “You can do it” and “Come on,” help you achieve personal bests and hit new highs.

This is why more general inspirational signs or messages on a gym’s walls can challenge patrons to push for their best – to be better.

Gym neon signs are more than just decorative elements; they play a crucial role in enhancing the motivational atmosphere of a gym.

Here’s how these vibrant signs can boost motivation and morale among gym-goers:

Examples of Gym Neon Signs (We Created)

Inspirational Messages and Fitness Mantras

  • Inspirational Quotes: Neon signs featuring motivational quotes like “Push Your Limits” or “Stronger Every Day” remind gym members to stay committed to their fitness goals—to push harder and be better.
  • Catchy Fitness Mantras: Signs displaying catchy fitness mantras, like “Beast Mode” or “No Quit.”
  • Images of Athletes: Signs with images of famous athletes can significantly uplift the gym atmosphere, making it more energetic and encouraging.

Color Psychology in Neon Signs

  • Red and Orange: These colors are dynamic and energizing. They stimulate excitement and can increase energy levels, making them ideal for high-intensity workout areas.
  • Blue: Known for its calming effects, blue can boost productivity and support sustained activity, making it perfect for endurance training zones.
  • Green: Ideal for yoga and relaxation spaces, green promotes balance and calm.
  • Purple: Offers a sense of luxury and ambition, often used sparingly to enhance focus areas.

Benefits of Integrating Neon Signs in a Gym

Integrating a neon gym sign into your fitness studio offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond aesthetics.

Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

  • Vibrant Environment: The colorful glow of neon lights can transform a mundane gym setting into an exciting and inviting workout space.
  • Workout Mood: Neon signs can energize high-intensity areas or calm yoga and relaxation zones.
  • Stand Out: Eye-catching neon signs help your gym stand out, making it more recognizable and memorable.
  • Brand Identity: Customizable options allow for the display of logos and slogans and suit a brand guide, strengthening brand image and identity.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED neon signs use less energy than traditional lighting, making them cost-effective and eco-friendly.
  • Longevity: With proper maintenance, high-quality neon light signs can last for 15+ years.
  • Bespoke Designs: Custom neon signs offer flexibility in design to fit your gym theme and customers.
  • Inspirational: Motivational quotes or fitness mantras displayed in neon can inspire and encourage gym-goers, enhancing the fitness studio and workout experience.

Integrating gym neon signs enhances your space’s visual appeal and contributes to a functional environment that motivates and retains members.

Neon Sign Ideas for Gyms (Commercial & Home Gym)

There are so many ideas for neon gym signs that it’s hard to cover them all or even do them justice here, but these are some of our most popular motivational and inspirational signs for gyms.

  • “Badass Great Ass”
  • “Go the Extra Mile”
  • “MMA Fight Club”
  • “Judo”
  • “Wrestling Gym”
  • “Crossfit Gym”
  • “Stay Strong”
  • “You are Strong”
  • “Mindset is Everything”
  • “No Quit”
  • “No Pain, No Gain”
  • “Dream Big, Work Hard”
  • “Sweat is Just Fat Crying”
  • “Make it Happen”
  • “Strong”
  • “Be Better Every Day”
  • “Beast Mode”
  • “You Only Live Once”
  • “Don’t Hold Back”

We hope you like this small sample collection of gym-inspired neon sign ideas.

More Inspirational Neon Gym Signs

Considerations when Creating Custom Neon Gym Signs

Of course, if you’re not inspired by any of the ready-designed or pre-designed neon signs available, you can always opt to level up and create a custom neon sign.

A custom neon sign allows you full control of the design, colors, fonts, and features of the neon sign.

Here are the main considerations when choosing to buy a custom neon sign:

  • Design: Logo, customized quote, or motivational message – you can choose your desired design.
  • Colors: LED neon offers a broad color choice. All 24 colors can be used within the same sign, a massive advantage over traditional gas neon signs.
  • Shapes: 2D or 3D shapes, whatever you want, it’s possible. You can make vibrant wall art, something you can hang, or a 3D centerpiece for the foyer/entrance.
  • Fonts: Choose a font from our collection of over 100,000.
  • Advanced Features: This includes color-changing, RGB, or Dynamic Neon – bring the sign to life with animated motion and more.
  • Location: Indoor or outdoor use; the choice is yours.
  • Bulk: Once a sign is designed, we can replicate it in multiples – either on the same order or multiple orders, at later dates. This is perfect for a business with multiple gyms.

By incorporating a custom neon sign into your home or commercial gym, you can create an environment that reflects your style and inspires those who work out.

With this in mind, you only need to consider what you want your neon sign to represent – inspire, challenge, or delight.

Placement of Neon Lights & Signs within Fitness Studios

Placement of the neon signs within fitness studios is an important factor to consider. Buying a neon sign for the gym is often made without thinking about it. I recommend considering this early in the piece – it’s every bit as important as design and factors into the design and size.

The most popular placement of neon signs in a fitness center is above the mirrors in workout areas. This is one of the key spots to spark a moment of motivation and inspiration. A “Do It” or “You Got This” neon sign placed in the right spot, glanced at by a customer, is a reminder to keep the energy up and finish that set.

So, remember, placement matters – get it right, and it’ll feel natural and work.

Yet More Inspirational Neon Light Signs

Price of Neon Gym Signs

Gym neon signs are typically priced between $200 and $700. A gym neon sign will vary in price based on design complexity, size, and customization options.

We offer a range of signs at various pricing levels to meet different needs and preferences. We’re sure every gym can find a suitable option within its budget. You can buy these directly on our website.

We can always create a custom neon sign for larger or more complex neon signs. Please get in touch with our team for options in this regard.

Consider the shipping options and seller ratings to ensure a smooth transaction when purchasing a gym neon sign. Our signs all come with free express post shipping.


The important thing to remember when utilizing gym neon signs is that it involves choosing the right messages, using them in the right locations, and using the right colors. By strategically choosing and placing neon signs appropriately, gyms can significantly enhance the overall workout experience, encouraging members to return and maintain an active lifestyle.

If you still have questions, or you are looking to buy now and want a neon sign (or signs) for your gym, then please talk with our team about your project.


How much do neon gym signs cost?

  • Gym neon signs cost from $200 to $700. The price varies greatly and depends on the design complexity, size, and advanced features selected.

Do neon signs need to be waterproofed for use in a gym?

  • No, our neon signs are for use indoors, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t protected and safe to use in open spaces like a fitness center, yoga studio, or gymnasium. If you plan on using the neon sign in a wet area – like a bathroom, change room, outdoor workout area, sauna, or spa – then, to be safe, we recommend getting an outdoor specification when creating the neon sign. Mention this when talking with one of our design consultants.


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